November 9, 2015

Resting after a day of hauling limbs!

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  • I woke up bright and early this morning and put on my clothes to get on the treadmill.  I walked almost to the steps and then turned right back around and jumped into bed.  It was cold in this house and I needed a few more minutes resting before I started my Monday morning.  Tomorrow I will do better (or I will not tell you about it if I don't!)
  • I still was awake before the kids-just long enough for me to finish my Bible study for the week and eat my bowl of raisin bran.  I can't decide if I like that cereal (it does taste a bit like cardboard with tree bark slivers in it) or if I just like eating something, anything alone and in a quiet room.  
  • Soon my people were all awake and ready to go.  I know that the afternoon was going to be busy so I told everyone to work towards finishing school by 11.  And surprise my Anderson even finished by then but too much time was spent goofing off by everyone.  Seriously, do boys lay in the floor wrestling between math problems in real school or is it just here?
  • My Keaton was feeling fine this morning-just pretty snotty.  This morning she found herself a blanket and laid on the floor in my room.  I started to wonder if she really was okay but then she started playing with Campbell.  Soon they had set up a store complete with a string hung across the kitchen doorway and were cutting the string shouting "Grand Opening!"
  • At 11, we all started on our chores-the normal ones like vacuuming and straightening and the abnormal chores like picking out 4 movies for the car and gathering hats and gloves for camping this weekend. We worked hard and soon it was lunch time.  I made sandwiches and we ate until Robby came home. 
  • When he arrived the boys went outside and the girls and I went upstairs to work on 3 boxes of Campbell and Reagan's clothes to sort through.  We still have another 3 boxes tomorrow but we didn't have anytime for that since we were also needed outside.
  • The 3 trees that came down meant lots of work for us today.  Robby was able to clean up the smaller branches with his saw-he cut, the kids hauled to the burn pile while I manned the fire and raked up the tiny pieces.  He knocked out around half of the mess today-still another days worth of work to go plus then the removal of the big logs.  A stump man came to give us a price and will be returning later this week or next to rid us of the stumps.  
  • We worked until dark and then ran inside for showers and a quick straighten of the house.  Robby cooked a chili supper while the kids watched a movie in the bonus room.  I am not sure what that movie was or what it was about but it kept all 6 of them quiet for almost an hour-we will be renting that one again! 
  • The Wilson's came over for a few minutes so of course we needed brownies to eat and the kids thought that they needed popcorn so we all just had a big feast.  When they left the kids went right to bed-and I think that we are not too far behind them!

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