November 27, 2015

Movie time after a hard day of decorating!

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  • I do believe that my people slept for a good long time today and it was pleasant to wake up with the rain pitter pattering on the window.  The kids played their kindles some but did finally come to urge us to get out of bed when they started to get hungry.
  • Our Whitman did let himself out of his bed and came out of the school room this morning again.  I guess that he is now into the pattern and will continue to do this until we move him upstairs to a real crib.  I know that many almost 3 year olds are being moved to a big boy bed at about this time and not transitioning into a room with their brothers and into a crib.  But seriously, I am going to keep that boy caged us as long as I can!
  • Breakfast was cereal for some and pop tarts for others.  While the kids were still eating, Robby started pulling out Christmas bins.  After I brought a few things downstairs and we organized a bit, we began to put up the kids trees.  
  • Since this was the first year that we have had a boys and girls room, this was also the first year that we had two trees for them.  The one in the boys room is the one that we have had for a while for the kids but the one in the girls room is the one that we acquired last year.  The neighbors had set this tree outside on the curb last year and we snatched it up.  I did have to cut every single prelit light off of the tree which took a long while but the tree is perfect (maybe even a tad on the big side)
  • The boys were so happy to pick the train ornament for Whitman to see on their tree and Reagan had to have her tree just perfect (I do not know where she gets her perfectionism! Ha, she gets it from me but at least I have mine under control-she does not!)  Their trees do look really, really cute though.
  • That brought us to basketball game time and we watched the game and at halftime Grannymom and Grandpa came over with some of their leftover carpet for our attics.  They stayed and watched the rest of the basketball game.  
  • Then we started to watch the football game.  We fixed lunch for the kids and then Robby worked on some of the carpet laying and took a nap!  After the game, we did some more work and then Robby took half of the kids to pick up a movie and do a bit of shopping at Dollar General-the closest store to us.
  • While they were gone, Reagan and I finished putting up the living room tree.  After Robby came home, the kids all watched 2 movies while we fed them supper and put lights on our tree as well as cleaned up some.  (There is still plenty to do around here-hang the ornaments, hang pictures in the boys room, hang Christmas pictures, hang pictures in the bonus room, dishes, laundry and a zillion other things but we have all day tomorrow to do a few things off of the list)
  • Our tree is taking shape-we did put new lights on it this year and they are very, very bright-almost blinding!  Robby has already decided that he will not be using them next year but I think they might just grow on him some.  I have put my 13 new Christmas ornaments on the tree and now just will have to hang the others tomorrow.
  • The kids are in bed with their Christmas trees shining away and hopefully they will all sleep well.  I know that we will on this rainy night!

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