November 10, 2015

Memories and making more memories!

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  • Last night when I hugged Anderson, he said that was the only time of the day that he got to cuddle with me.  Well, I made sure that as soon as he walked down the stairs this morning I was right there to give him a big ole hug.  
  • My girls could sleep all morning long but my boys are up with the sun every single morning.  But on a school morning, we all had to wake up on time so we could get started.  This morning, Whitman could tell that Keaton was going to school and he kept asking "I go?"  He just wanted to ride along with Robby but next year he will be going to school himself-can you believe he will be old enough for Ms. Jennifer's class?
  • Speaking of Ms. Jennifer-her name popped up on my phone as it rung this morning.  I quickly answered thinking that Keaton's cough finally showed up at school (she has been hacking for days now.)  But no, my baby had fallen on the slide, hit her head and cut her eye.  The kids gathered around me and were anxious to know what was wrong with her.  I knew shew as in good hands but still text Grannymom to say that she would need some extra loving this afternoon.
  • We quit school at 11 this morning-seriously, I have become a slacker.  We haven't done science in weeks and they love our science.  I am going to do better next week-I believe that this book may take me two years.  I am doing just about as bad on history except that I have at least been reading a history book from the library.  
  • Before lunch, we worked on our chores including gathering some kindling from the trees outside.  Then lunch followed by more working on the girls clothes switch over, a bit of packing for our camp out, working on Graham and Reagan's scrapbooks and then finally outside to help Robby with the trees.  I just had on my shorts and when I went out into the woods to dump some debris all I could think about was snakes coming after me.  I could see Robby laughing at me as I ran out of the woods so I wouldn't get bit!
  • After some work, I loaded up and headed to get our Keaton.  She was happy to see us and we were all happy to see that she was okay.  She had a great afternoon and was excited to come home and play outside in the dark with everyone. 
  • Robby has finished his part on his trees-as in, his saw won't do much more than he has done.  He was able to have a pretty good fire tonight so most things are gone and the yard is looking better-from what it looked liked. 
  • Back inside for showers, straightening, making turkey cookies, finishing school work (Campbell), working on a note for their Christmas shoeboxes and supper-busy evening for everyone.  You would think that they would be tired but nope, not my girls.  They are still going strong-they will be given some benedryl tomorrow night.

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