November 8, 2015

All Grins!

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  • The first thing that the kids can think of these days is playing Robby's ipad.  They still love their kindles but the ipad is greatly coveted.  Every single child this morning said to us "Can I play Daddy's ipad?" before they spoke another word.  Seriously?  Unfortunately for them, the answer each time was not until you are dressed and ready.
  • After church we had lunch at Nonna's house and the kids had some time to play until home for naps for just a little bit.  As soon as my alarm went off on my phone, I also heard a chainsaw and then a kerplunk.  The neighbor man and his friend chopped down 3 of our trees-one pine, one smaller dead one and another large dead one right by the house.  Now we just have to move them!
  • This morning I dressed my boys all in orange shirts.  I originally thought this was kind of cute but this afternoon I looked at the kids running around outside in front of our neighbors.  The kids were all outside and I looked around and saw my 3 buzz cut boys running around all dressed in khakis and orange shirts.  It almost made us look like we are a part of a commune.  Next week, no matching clothes.
  • Tonight we arrived at church a bit later than usual and I guess that Keaton was caught a bit off guard when we ushered her to class.  She told me that she didn't want to go to class and then proceeded to have herself a little fit.  I probably would have let her stay in big church but before I could make that offer, she was throwing herself a fit-and I couldn't let her have her way due to a fit.
  • That child had herself a tantrum.  I talked to her, I gave her some juice, I hugged her, I bribed her, I threatened her, I tried every trick in my book.  Whitman talked to her, he hugged her, he held her hand, he asked her to come and play with him.  He had no idea what to think about this fit of hers and neither did I.  I finally took Whitman into class and so I could have both hands to deal with Keaton.  Finally, I pushed her in and she quietly sat and cried in Sonia's lap.  
  • Of course I concentrated none in church but when we picked her up, she was happily sitting in a rocking chair reading to her brother.  Her teacher said that she soon calmed and was fine.  
  • Back at home, we all had our ice cream truck and then it was bedtime for the kids.  It wasn't too long before we heard footsteps coming down the stairs.  Keaton and Campbell walked into the living room holding hands-Keaton was scared because it was dark and needed her sweet sister to come down with her.  I went up and moved their nightlight around and hopefully appeased everyone.  Keaton has a cold and runny nose so we just have to assume that her odd behavior today is from her not feeling great.

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