November 19, 2015

Homeschool Day!

(click here for today's pictures)

  • Unfortunately I didn't wake up as early as I had planned (the theme of this week) so it was around 8 when we started on breakfast (about 30-40 minutes later than usual).  Keaton was around for a bit of breakfast but had to finish it in the car.
  • She was pretty excited about her day at school today since it was their Thanksgiving feast day.  She told me all about how everyone brought something for the party.  I heard what most everyone brought but I only remember that Cannon brought the turkey.  I was the first to sign up so I quickly snatched the easy cheese cubes to bring.
  • Back at home, the rest of us worked on our chores.  The kids also practiced their reports before working on a school box.  This morning before everyone arrived, I sat down for a little bit and thought that last year I would have had everyone do chores, then work on their school before trying to do our work together time before everyone arrived on a day like today.  Maybe I have relaxed a bit or maybe I am just becoming lazy.
  • Around 10 everyone started showing up for our Mayflower day.  (When Campbell was picking out a shirt this morning, she told me that she was looking for one that had a boat on it or one that had flowers on it.)  The Heltz, Skinners, Kamps, Stotts and Powells were all here and Jodee was in charge today.  The first activity was watching a movie about the pilgrims and then we divided into teams for the kids to answer questions from the movie.
  • Then we had lunch (my first time to make Taco soup-I think that it might be a new go-to for us).  The girls had brought all of the fixings including the most wonderful brownie/cookie bar that I had eaten.  Next up, the kids did their little reports.  Everyone told what 3 items that would bring on the Mayflower.
  • The Dennie kids said-Keaton: baby doll, blanket and bag (to put stuff in). Campbell: water bottle, Bible and bag of biscuits (to make some sandwiches). Graham: fishing pole, saw and cooking pot. Anderson: ax, hammer and nails and wooden toy boat.  Reagan: journal, cornhusk doll (to play with), pumpkin (to eat and then plant the seeds).  
  • I didn't get any pictures of the kids today because I was dealing with my Whitman. I don't think that he really feels all that great still and today it showed-he was incredibly fussy and only seemed to be happy if he was outside playing in the dirt pile.  I briefly thought about calling in a grandma for reinforcement!  After most folks had left, the little guy fell asleep on the couch while watching his Thomas again.  
  • The Kamps stayed until almost 4 and when they left we quickly finished picking up and the kids had a few minutes to watch tv before Robby came home and we loaded up to go and look at the Wilson's Christmas lights.  We oohed and aahed over their lights and then tromped through their house checking out their Christmas decorations.  
  • Then it was home for supper and after supper the kids took turns in the shower while Robby and I put together 2 new shelves for the girls room.  We took one shelf from their room and put it in my laundry room closet which greatly neatens that closet up.  
  • After we cleaned up some of our mess (the rest is left to clean up) the kids all went to bed and we sat on the couch to watch a bit of tv before bedtime.

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