November 2, 2015

Just doing a little school work!

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  • I had gotten used to waking up with it a bit dark-ish outside and I felt a bit cheated this morning when the sun was already out when I woke up.  Of course this was due to time change but it probably didn't help any that I woke up a bit later than usual.
  • Around 5, Robby sat up and said "who is over there?"  I guess he knew it was a kid on the other side of our bed but it did startle me.  Campbell popped up and said "me" and we asked her what was wrong.  She said that she had a bad dream-really, it was fine with me that she came downstairs.  I would much rather her come downstairs than start fussing upstairs.  I quickly pulled out some blankets and got her settled and then we were all back asleep.
  • For breakfast, it was cereal and fruit and then school time.  School went fine for most but after Graham finished, Reagan and he had a huge fight over him using a piece from her rainbow loom.  Gracious me, that was enough to set him on a bad track for the rest of the morning.  
  • And Campbell, bless her.  She gets so distracted during the day and especially when Keaton is around that she forgets to do her school work.  Today she did have a more difficult math page and that combined with phonics made her morning rough.  Campbell can do her phonics by herself but she thinks that she needs me right beside her!  I remember when Graham was in kindergarten and was just like that.
  • Lunch was a bit later today-I am the one still adjusting to time change.  Afterwards, everyone helped me clean the house for tomorrow night's bunko here.  They worked and worked and so did I.  When we had finished that it was time to work together for a bit.
  • It seemed like most of the afternoon was spent getting Keaton ready for her book character day tomorrow at school.  Her costume is ready, her props are ready but I have yet to read her book to her.  Hopefully, I will have time at breakfast tomorrow!
  • We went to eat at a friend's house and the kids enjoying playing.  While my Whitman was eating, he covered his train in cheese dip and I let him do it-he was quiet and happy so we were also happy!  The train can always be washed-or he can suck on it later for a snack!

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