November 28, 2015

Sneaking some cereal!

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  • I guess since the kids have been inside of the house since Wednesday night, they were pretty wound up today and that started before 8 this morning.  I am not sure when that magic age is that they sleep all morning long or stop following you around asking question after question but it is not 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, or 10.  (And yes, I know that someday I will wish that my house would again be full of little people following me around asking questions)
  • We decided that we should end the Thanksgiving holiday the right way-with Krispy Kreme for breakfast.  Everyone rode with Robby to pick up the doughnuts and I worked on laundry, dishes and started on the tree.  
  • The kids all ate and then they helped me with my tree for a little bit.  I was able to get all 200+ ornaments on the tree this year and that made me very happy.  As I put the ornaments on, I would say the name of the place they were from or giggle about something that happened on the trip-most people would have thought that I was crazy.
  • After a bit, the kids started watching a movie and of course we had a few kiddos cause problems.  I went upstairs to see what was happening and then sent Graham to find his daddy.  Robby and I were working in an attic and Graham was told to lay on his bed.  After a while, Robby turned to Graham and said "can you go watch the movie and be perfect?"  Graham answered back "no, sir."  Robby countered with "99 percent of the time?" to which Graham replied "90 percent?"  Robby was able to negotiate him up to being perfect 92 percent of the time.  (This is why my hair is turning grey!)
  • Next up was lunch-breakfast burritos followed by the last redbox movie of the weekend.  The kids watched this one while Whitman, Robby and I took a nap.  Actually, we tried to nap but it didn't happen at all-maybe tomorrow!
  • Around 5, we loaded up for supper at the new pizza place-Pie Five.  Last time we had tried to go there is when Robby forgot his wallet and we had to turn around to go fetch money.  It was lost of fun and my pizza was perfect-bbq chicken, sun dried tomatoes, pineapple-delicious!  We all pretty much cleaned our pizza pans. 
  • Then the kids and Robby walked to Kroger and drove the car over there.  We picked up a few necessities-popcorn, hot chocolate, a pan scraper-and a few other things like milk, cheese and cereal.  Then it was home for pajamas and bed for the crew.  The poor girls got themselves into trouble tonight-my boys go to sleep perfectly but gracious those girls can not seem to lay down and quietly go to sleep for anything!

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