November 6, 2015

Excited to be going to Nonna and Pops

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  • The first thing I remember from this morning was Campbell coming into our room around 1 (possibly).  She climbed in bed with us so I scooted over.  A few minutes later she woke me up to ask if I would put a pallet on the floor for her.  I gladly agreed and I am so glad that she would prefer to sleep on the floor than in our bed.
  • Once kids started stirring this morning, I went to wake Keaton up-she can't see the clock from her bed and she probably didn't know that Campbell wasn't in bed and had forgotten that Reagan was at Lilli's house.  I didn't want her to be asking "What time is it? Reagan? Campbell?" over and over again.  There was no reason to worry about that because she was sound asleep when I woke her up.
  • School this morning was uneventful-possibly even slower than usual (I had made muffins, cinnamon bread and more muffins by noon).  We always say that just having one less kid makes a world of difference and that is true even when Reagan was gone.  
  • Anderson ate lunch wearing his backpack waiting on Pops to come and pick him up.  Nonna and Pops picked up Anderson for a night out-shopping, getting a haircut for Pops, a bookstore and supper at Purple Cow.  The rest of us were home this afternoon.  Graham was a bit lonely because Keaton and Campbell helped me go through Keaton's clothes and start working on Campbell's winter clothes.
  • Dana brought Reagan home and then she took Keaton with her.  Keaton spent the night at Dana's house and that child could not wait.  Campbell helped her pack so who knows what all they packed-I did make sure that there was underwear, a toothbrush, pants and a shirt in the bag but other than that who knows.  I do believe that it was enough clothes to stay all week long.
  • Reagan came back with a cape for Campbell and a skirt for Keaton that her and Lilli had made today.  Tonight when we were out shopping, we saw a sewing machine and I asked Reagan if she would like one after sewing with Lilli today and her answer was still "no way!"  I might should sign her up for a home ec class!
  • Tonight we went to walk around the new mall-we saw quite a few people that we knew but the best part was the dessert we bought from cinnabon.  It was called the middle of the cinnamon roll-delicious!  Then it was home and bedtime for my crew.  We let Graham sleep in Keaton's bed since we didn't know if he could make it in a room alone.
  • Speaking of Graham, the other day he asked me what it was like living through "the World War."  I just glared at him until he walked away!

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