November 24, 2015

Beautiful Fall Day to Be Outside!

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  • Thankfully everyone slept very well last night and we woke up to the sounds of my alarm trying to wake me up over and over again.  I try to be good and wake up early but I am just starting to like staying in my warm bed...until the minute the heat kicks on.  It must blow right on me and there is no escape to the suffocating, hot air.  If the heat would be on each time my alarm clock rings, I would jump out of bed.
  • We had breakfast-yesterday we ate doughnuts because we missed them on Sunday and that was okay with the kids.  So today, I pulled out cereal, which was Monday's missed menu item, but it did not go very well with the kids at all.  Everyone finally picked out their cereal and started to eat.  Though before I knew what was happening, people with bowls full of cereal were all around this house.  Thankfully the mess was contained in the kitchen-Whitman threw everything out of his cereal bowl onto the floor.  And of course, I had just finished sweeping the kitchen.
  • We finished school in time for us to load up and head to Tammy's place so Campbell and I could get our hair cut.  Robby met us there and he walked the kids over to McDonalds to eat and then we joined them to have our lunch.  
  • Once we made it home, we had a few minutes of time to play and then Lilli and Cash came over.  The kids all played outside for most of the time that they were here.  My boys really had the xbox on their mind (can we say obsessed) so they were really glad when Cash finally said that he would play it for a bit.  There was a bit of excitement when Graham was accidentally hit by a stick.  After he was cleaned up, he quickly showed everyone that he had lost a tooth in the episode (he had not and was just teasing them.)
  • After a bit of play time, we met Dana and dropped off L and C and then headed home for showers, supper and straightening.  We did have a few minutes to make a little pumpkin craft for the kitchen table on Thursday and then it was time for bed.
  • This morning Reagan said that Campbell and Keaton needed some music or something to calm down at night and I reminded her that we would play the same cd when she was a baby and even all the way until when Campbell was little.  We would play that cd every single night, even on trips and even in different rooms when he had a boy and girl room.  I told Reagan that I believed that she would still probably fall sound asleep immediately if she heard it.  Well, tonight that cd is upstairs playing so hopefully my little wiggle worm girls will quickly fall asleep.     

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