November 17, 2015


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  • Keaton didn't cough too much last night, Campbell slept all night long and Whitman didn't fuss at all about his little ear.  So it was a good, good night.  
  • The other morning, Campbell told me "you always have the biggest smile on your face when you see us and tell us Good Morning."  I will count that as a win and try to remember that to get myself out of bed these past few mornings but man, it sure is cold in this house and perfectly cozy under my covers.
  • After our breakfast of yogurt and cinnamon toast, Keaton headed off to school.  The rest of us started on school here and I brought all of the Little People toys downstairs for Whitman to play with.  He did play with those for a decent amount of time until he convinced Campbell to turn the computer on in the school room and find him a Thomas movie.  That child is addicted but it was nice to see him playing with something other than Thomas today.
  • The kids did well on school but it still took me until after noon to finish working with everyone.  That was fine though since it won't be too much longer until we start our Christmas break.  I do not know exactly what or how long that will be but I am pretty excited about it.
  • We had lunch and then everyone worked on chores for a good long time.  When the kids weren't working, they were running from Whitman who was chasing them with a sword.  Gracious me.  After he went down for a nap, we all did our together work.  The kids will say that cutting a hard boiled egg open and comparing it to the layers of the earth was the highlight of school today.  
  • They had a little bit of time to watch a movie before we loaded up to meet Keaton and Robby at the store.  There were not too many folks out in this nasty weather doing their grocery shopping.  We filled 2 buggies of food-but still didn't even buy anything for Thanksgiving week.  I really enjoy going grocery shopping-I do not like the spending of money but I think I might should work at a grocery store when I grow up.
  • Once at home, the kids helped unload the groceries that they helped purchase for the Shack.  They also put on their pjs and waited for Robby to fix supper for them.  We all ate and then it was bedtime for the crew.  My Whitman fell asleep in the car on the way home and I had laid him in the floor thinking that he would wake up but he continued to sleep so he just was changed and put on to bed since it was already past bedtime.

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