June 28, 2016

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  • Tara's out for another late night - well she doesn't have too many but it's Bunko night so this blog is brought to you by Robby...and I wasn't here most of the day so guessing on some parts. (Maybe Tara will correct later.)
  • Well, you would think that after staying up until almost 11 last night that the kids would sleep a bit longer. But all but 1 were up nearly right at 7:00 (Reagan managed to sleep a bit longer).
  • No fancy breakfast plans so Tara set the choices of sausage biscuits, cereal, poptarts, toast and maybe yogurt.  I think most opted for poptarts. (Whitman has about started thinking that you are supposed to have poptarts for every meal.)
  • Tara did fix muffins this morning (with help from some little people) but they weren't for today.  She had bought ingredients a couple of weeks ago to make and freeze muffins so that finally happened today. Who knows - they may be eaten tomorrow after being frozen for 1 day.
  • After breakfast, there were some Nerf gun battles, iPad time and more iPad time.  They had lunch at the house before loading up to head to the pool where they met Ms. Sara.  A bit cloudy or they've been dumping ice in the pool, because everyone reported the pool was a bit chilly.  The crowds thinned out by the time I made with a special treat for Graham. His real birthday is tomorrow but everyone needs some ice cream at the pool the day before.  So we had Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough and Cookies and Cream. I think Graham, and maybe Anderson, had 3 bowls a peice. But Lilly Kamps wasn't too far behind them.
  • I left and they were going to swim another hour but apparently there was an 'accident' in the pool so they had to shut it down. I don't think the accident was any of my people but it was okay - we were about ready to load up and head home.
  • A bit of movie time, rest time for Whitman and more iPad time before I got home with supper - Papa John's pizza tonight!  Whitman woke up right before Tara was leaving but didn't want pizza for supper. He wanted a cheese stick and eventually had a poptart too!
  • Tara dropped the 5 big kids off at VBS, headed to the library before making her way to Bunko. Meanwhile, Whitman and I watched about 4 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. But soon it was time to pick up the others from VBS and we decided to walk and get them. Whitman quickly decided he would take a ride in the stroller though.
  • Kids had another big night of VBS and tonight the fire truck came.  But I guess since it Family Night tomorrow, they had to get the last 2 bible stories in tonight since there won't be a regular story tomorrow night. So Reagan said that meant there were two 40-minute Bible stories. (Not 100% sure that is accurate but she did report the floor gets hard after sitting that long!)  They brought home goodie bags and fireman hats so everyone was excited to show Whitman and let him wear their hats.
  • We walked home and everyone was super thirsty (they were fairly full tonight because they had pizza before they left plus chicken in a blanket (biscuit).  They talked me into letting them watch a bit of tv (Ninja Warrior), drink their drinks and then finally everyone brushed their tooth and headed to bed.  I think they were a bit quicker to fall asleep tonight though.

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