July 9, 2016

Sleeping on the floor!
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  • When we went to bed last night, Robby had told the kids that they could not have their ipads until at least 8 in the morning.  I had then reminded the kids where I slept in the bed and what side of the bed that their daddy slept on.  At exactly 8, you can imagine the commotion in our bedroom-people were coming in from the hallway, from the bathroom and there might have even been a kid climbing through our window (not really).  Robby was quick to get up and pass out their new toys and we didn't hear anything at all from the kids...
  • ...for about 2 minutes.  The kids are enjoying texting each other and us.  I am not sure who text us first but they were interested in breakfast time.  As Robby and I lay in bed this morning with our phones in our hands, he joked that he didn't understand why the kids wanted to be on their devices first thing in the morning.
  • We had breakfast this morning and worked on cleaning out the freezer-banana bread, sausage biscuits, muffins and breakfast burritos.  That did make a dent in my now overcrowded freezer (the corn was almost too much for the Dennie freezers.)  
  • After breakfast, I am not really sure what we did.  I know that we were busy but I can't tell you what we did.  Oh, it is coming back to me-I worked on packing for our little trip and Robby cut all of the boys' hair.  I also trimmed his hair and soon it was nearing time to leave.
  • Our first stop today was Grannymom's house for a few minutes and then to Kroger for some major grocery shopping.  Anderson asked if it was going to take 3 or 4 hours and I told him that it would really should just take an hour.  He responded with "Oh, boy!"  I thought he should be pleased with just 1 hour but I guess not.  The kids did well at the store and we muddled through it filling up 2 carts.
  • Then we stopped at Sonic, picked up a pizza and I ran through the Dollar Store before we came home to unload our groceries and eat our pizza.  This made for a very late lunch which made for a very light supper.  During the afternoon, Robby made rice krispy treats and I made cookies.  We also worked on eliminating the ants from this house-I spray and spray and those little boogers keep on coming-makes me crazy!
  • This evening the kids played outside with the neighbor kids until they had to go in.  The kids then came in and started cycling through the showers while Robby worked on the car.  I helped him some and started a movie for the kids.  Halfway through it, Reagan made everyone popcorn and then Whitman passed out drinks that I poured.
  • It was soon bedtime and my girls are again sleeping on the floor so they don't mess up their neatly made beds.  We had planned on not taking Whitman's pack n play on this cabin trip but we are now second guessing ourselves since bedtime is so easy right now and him sleeping in his sleeping bag would be totally new for him.  We will see though-he does need to practice for our big road trip but maybe not just yet.  

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