July 31, 2016

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  • Graham was the first one up and I had to start waking up the girls.  Soon we were all ready and the kids were looking forward to eating the doughnut holes that we had bought for them yesterday.  Unfortunately, only about half of what you buy on the day old rack is good and these weren't!  That was fine because they did eat a better lunch at Nonna's house.
  • After Whitman ate, we took him upstairs to see his new big boy bed.  He was pretty pleased with it but wanted to make sure that we knew that it wasn't yet bedtime.
  • Once everyone was ready, we loaded up for church.  Today, Whitman walked right into his class. This always makes things easier for everyone.  Keaton only has about 2 more weeks in her Sunday school class and then she will be going to big church with the rest of us-eeek!
  • After church, we headed to Nonna's house.  She had lunch for us and then we celebrated Graham's birthday one more time.  He was pretty pleased with his big orange cupcake and everyone was happy to help him eat some of it.
  • We played for a bit at Nonna's house and then headed home.  The kids watched tv and played on their ipads.  Robby worked some in the yard and I had a brief nap and then stared on my weekly to do list-not actually doing my list but writing it out so I can do it later.
  • Robby had a meeting at church an hour before my meeting so he left and not too long afterwards we left.  I dropped the kids off at Nonna's house tonight and then went to our Sunday school meetings.  
  • I picked up the kids from Nonna's house.  The littles had taken baths and everyone had eaten a big supper and some ice cream.  Nonna said that she cooked 14 quesadillas so I am pretty sure that my people were full when they went to bed tonight.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa were at our house.  Robby worked on Grandpa's phone and Grandpa worked on a shelf for the girls' room.  When they left, the big 3 had their showers and then everyone went to bed: tomorrow is our first school day of the year! 
  • And Whitman is in his bed...they have been in bed for at least 20 minutes so I think that it just might work!

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