July 5, 2016

Brotherly Love!
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  • At almost 9, Anderson came and woke me up saying that he was hungry.  I am pretty sure that he wasn't really hungry but was just bored since Graham and him had probably been awake since 7 this morning.  By the time I had gotten myself semi ready, Keaton was downstairs.  
  • Graham was in the kitchen so I asked him if he wanted to help fry an egg and Reagan was on the steps, checking out what was happening downstairs before she made her entrance, and quickly volunteered to help.  She upped the ante and asked to make her egg in a hole.  So that is what we did.
  • Grahma and Reagan were working hard when Reagan reminded me that Campbell was still in bed and that Robby had said that if someone was in bed still at 10, they would get breakfast in bed.  So up Graham and her went carrying Campbell's breakfast-she did eat a few bites in her bed but then brought her food down to join the others.  We did have ourselves a smorgasbord-fried eggs, scrambled eggs, egg in the holes, cinnamon toast and yogurt. 
  • Breakfast was a success but all of that left me with a mess of a kitchen.  I started to work on that and the kids started to work on their school for the day.  We had finished school and had just accomplished picking up the downstiars when Nonna and Pops showed up.
  • They are leaving tomorrow for their summer vacation and need to tell the kids bye.  They also brought lunch for us which we gobbled up even though we had just finished eating about an hour earlier.  Robby was home before they left-he had car trouble this morning and just decided to work from home after getting his car fixed. 
  • After telling Nonna and Pops bye, despite being behind on chores, I let the kids play a nerf war game/disaster.  I say that it was a disaster because there were tears and gnashing of teeth.  They can sometime do so good playing with their nerf guns but other times, it just ends in disaster.  After their war was over, we did our science and read some before starting on our chores.  
  • Chores were over quickly and then the kids spent the last hour of the afternoon doing pretty much nothing.  Robby and I made supper (leftover bbq from the other day that we managed to divide between 8 people.  We then scooped up ice cream for everyone to enjoy before going outside.  The kids played while Robby mowed.  I played some and did a bit of work but after a while it was time for showers.
  • Before bed, I did give my Grahammy some benedryl.  We discovered that most of his mosquito bites, weren't really mosquito bites but poison ivy.  Of course, Graham would be my first kid with poison ivy but hopefully it is on the mend.  

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