July 3, 2016

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!
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  • Sunday morning and after everyone was dressed, we had leftover doughnuts and cereal for our breakfast and then it was on the road to church.  The kids are always in the car in a flash lately since we are finishing up a pretty great book on tape.  We are the end of the story and things are very interesting right now.
  • When I dropped Whitman off at church, he was not happy at all about going into his class.  That little goose!  Everyone sat better in church today and I only had to bop people on the heads once or twice-though Campbell did stick out her tongue a few times at her sister-gracious!
  • After church, we headed to Nonna's house to eat lunch.  She had bbq and all the fixings which is one of my favorites. The boys brought their remote control cars over and had fun driving around Nonna's driveway.  
  • We were able to have a pretty good nap this afternoon and the kids enjoyed getting watch their movies.  My Keaton was counting down the time until it was time for us to leave tonight and when we told them it was indeed time to go, everyone was quick to clean up and get themselves ready.
  • Tonight was church night at the Traveler's game.  We picked up Grannymom and Grandpa and when we arrived Nonna, Pops and Jason were already there.  They had hot dogs and hamburgers to eat and after the coke machine stopped working, they brought out can cokes-so we all grabbed one and put into my bag which worked out very well in the scorching sun.
  • The sun was hot but we could tell that it was quickly setting.  The boys magrated to the grassy area and a ball was even tossed up to Anderson.  We were very far off, but we could tell clearly how excited he was.  But right beside him was Graham who was probably even more excited than Anderson.  Reagan settled in with Jason near the front of our section.  She was working hard on catching a ball so Graham could have one too.  Surprisingly, she sat there the entire game waiting but did never catch one.  Campbell, Keaton and Whitman sat with us for a while but then wanted to go to the grassy area and that is where they stayed the entire game.  I had to stay over there with them but it was kind of pleasant in the breeze once the sun went down (the frozen lemonades that Graham brought over for us helped greatly.)
  • After the game, the kids were able to run the bases and they all enjoyed it.  The kids were on cloud 9 coming home and even when we put them in bed tonight, they kept talking and asking us questions.  The boys asked me about at least 10 different baseball players-if they were still alive, what team they played for and a ton of other questions that I do not know the answers to.  It was a pretty great day.

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