July 7, 2016

Pool Day Morning and Night!
(click here for today's pictures)
(video from pool)
  • We had a bit more relaxing morning around here than we did yesterday.  Everyone felt well and there were no complaints about pancakes (frozen) for breakfast.  I read some during breakfast and soon the kids were helping me with our chores.
  • As soon as chores were finished, we loaded up to head to the pool.  The Kamps were there so the kids had some buddies to play with.  Keaton did not want to wear her floatees at all today so she stayed in the circle pool (shallow area) until I got in the water during the second kid swim.  The water was ice cold today and I barely lasted the hour but you can almost work up a sweat watching Keaton like a hawk, wrestling with Whitman (his life jacket can scratch the fire out of you), being hung on by Campbell and usually playing ball with the boys while judging Reagan's handstands.
  • We had lunch at noon and after that Reagan or Keaton didn't get back in the water.  I believe that they have started to like coming home in their clothes-even though they have their bathing suits under and have to change as soon as they get home.  I am the same way and like to be dry in the car so I can't really blame them.  Campbell also follows what her big sister does so the last hour of our visit, I just had the boys in the pool for the most part.  When I walked by Whitman once and he said "I didn't poop," I didn't trust him at all and quickly took him to the bathroom.  He was telling the truth and then he just stayed out of the pool for the last little bit as well.
  • On the way home, I stopped by Sonic to get ice cream cones for the kids (they were half off today).  Keaton had herself a fit becuase she said that she didn't like vanilla ice cream without anything on it.  I told her that was fine and she didn't have to eat one but I still ordered her one-I thought.  Once our order was delivered and the lady walked off, Graham said "where's mine?"  Well, I counted the ice cream cones and sure enough there were 5 and that is what I had ordered-I guess I had forgotten that there were 6 Dennies.  I was about to push the button again to order another when Keaton said she was not going to eat hers so we passed hers to him and everyone was happy (well, kind of-Keaton' wasn't too happy.  Who has ever heard of a kid not liking vanilla ice cream? Stubborness)
  • After unloading at home, the kids changed clothes and had started on their movies before I could even finish hanging up the towels.  That is pretty much where they spent their afternoon.  A few weeks ago, all day every day was spent with the neighbor kids but now we never seem to be home at the same time-I guess summer really is a busy time.  We were home all afternoon but the kids never saw the neighbor kids until later tonight (as my folks were loading up to leave.)
  • At supper time, Robby asked the kids if they wanted to go to the pool tonight.  The only catch would be that they would have to eat sandwiches there.  They quicky took him up on this idea but they did act a bit strange like they couldn't understand why we would take them twice in one day to the pool.  I would have gone too but I didn't fit in the car since my car is in the shop still. So I stayed at home and picked out pictures for the kids photo albums, packed for the Dennie family trip and tried to help plan our upcoming vacay.  
  • When the kids came home, they told me all about their evening of swimming.  They did mention that Keaton went off the diving board multiple times.  I asked if Daddy was watching her and they all said no.  Of course I know this wasn't accurate so I mentioned it to Robby and he said that yes, he was watching her-he was taking vidoes of her.  
  • The kids had showers and we smothered Graham's poison ivy with calamine lotion and then it was bedtime for my crew.

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