July 30, 2016

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  • Campbell came into our bedroom around 4 this morning.  She said that her head hurt but after I had made her pallet and covered her up and asked about her head, she said that it was already better.  I am sure that she wasn't able to sleep so she just came on downstairs.  I am surprised that Reagan let her come downstairs-Reagan usually runs a tight ship up there.
  • Before we could even start on breakfast, Pops was writing to come and pick up Anderson.  I then asked Anderson to pack and Graham went upstairs to help him and even came down to help find his church sandals.  I am not yet sure if Graham was being helpful or if he was looking forward to having Anderson leave for the night.
  • Robby and I headed outside after Anderson left.  Robby worked on his lawnmower and this lasted pretty much all day long.  It wasn't working at first but he finally fixed that for a bit but then had to take everything apart again.  The kids came out a few times to help pick up sticks and trim bushes or ride their bikes but mostly they stayed inside.  Around 2, Keaton and Campbell made lunch for us so we did stop to enjoy that for a bit.  I believe it was the third time for Robby to take his mower all apart and try to put it back together is when the bottom fell out and it poured and poured on us.
  • I was in the middle of cleaning the garage so all of the garage mats and bikes were outside.  It was too late to pull them in the garage since when the rain started, I was on my hands and knees helping Robby with his mower so all of the garage stuff was given a quick shower.  Now the grass was too wet for much of anything but Robby's push mower is also broke so he headed off to pick up a few groceries and to buy a new mower.
  • I worked inside while he was gone (even organizing the tupperware).  Campbell, Keaton and Whitman played restaurant while Graham shot hoops in his bedroom.  Reagan played with her shopkins a bit today and made them all placemats (or something similar) to sit on.
  • Robby came home and started putting his new mower together.  It quickly became dark again and the thunder started rolling so as I put up my now dry bikes, he started his new mower briefly before coming to help me with the garage mats.  We then worked on those as it stormed and stormed.
  • Well, a potty training update is probably due.  Twice today Whitman has come up to me saying that he was wet and then poopy.  He was neither and completely dry despite the fact that he was convinced that "both pants" (undies and shorts) were "soaking."  We ran on to the bathroom each time and my boy stayed dry all day long today.  Just maybe we are getting closer! (I told Robby the other day that we were going to have to breakdown and buy some diapers and pull ups but maybe not!) 
  • For supper, we had corn, pizza and left over mashed potatoes.  I thought I cooked too much corn but every ear that I cooked was eaten up.  Then we made cookies for the kids while cleaning up the kitchen.  Robby briefly worked on his weed eater (all of his outside toys are broken!) but he was able to fix it.  
  • It was way too late to start another project but we did-we took down Whitman's crib which he has rarely slept in.  And since the kids were occupied with their cookies and a tv show, we put up his big boy bed.  Since Robby had put up 5 other beds just like this one, it didn't take too incredibly long. 
  • It did take past 10 so everyone but Whitman were able to stay up (as long as they stayed downstairs so we could work).  Yes, Whitman didn't get to sleep in his new bed tonight-maybe tomorrow or maybe when we come home from our trip!
  • Since it is National Cheesecake day and we have no cheesecake, I might just have some ice cream before bedtime tonight.  And as hard as we worked today, I think that ice cream would be the perfect treat.

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