July 23, 2016-Dennie Dallas Trip

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After I finished the blog, I realized that my Whitman along with all of the other little Dennies were sound asleep.  Wow!  We still can't believe how well that worked out last night.  Though in the middle of the night, Whitman did sit up and stir.  I heard him say "where's my pillow?"  I quickly found his pillow for him which was under my head.  He did go right back to sleep about that and never stirred again. This hotel doesn't have 8 pillows in this room (no shocker there) so Robby and I went to bed without pillows but then later took ones from the littlest Dennies.  

Anderson was the first one up and was asking us if he could play his ipad.  We looked at the clock and it was indeed after 7 but since there was no hurry, we had him climb in bed with us.  Soon Graham joined on the other side and Whitman joined on top of me.  A few minutes later, Campbell joined at the foot of the bed and soon we were all stirring getting ready for our big Six Flags day.

After we put on our clothes, we passed out our ikea cinnamon rolls and orange juice.  Reagan must not be a sweet breakfast eater because she didn't eat much of hers, Keaton is never really a fan of bready things and Whitman only ate the few pieces that I pulled off for him.  There was more on his plate but he never asked for me to give him more.  (Though later this afternoon he asked for more cinnamon roll over and over again-I guess he was making up for such a little breakfast.)

Six Flags opened at 10:30 today and we were pulling into the parking lot around 10.  Last year when we came, we were here on a Friday and the crowds were much less than they were today.  It was still just as hot as it was last year though-the temperature was probably hotter today but I don't think that we got as hot.  We had a bit of a walk from our spot in the parking lot and then a line to get through security.  After that, we just had to show our tickets and in we went.  The kids and their "teacher" had all earned free tickets from a Six Flags reading program and Robby had earned our other ticket from the rewards on the top of coke bottles.  

We feel as if we are expert-ish at touring the Disney parks but are in no way Six Flags experts. We debated starting off the opposite direction than we did last year but changed our mind and headed back the same way as last year.  That was fine though and soon we were in line for the tobaggan ride.  Everyone but Whitman was able to do this one and it is a pretty good little coaster.  Keaton really enjoyed it but Campbell was right behind me crying her eyes out on it-today we have learned that Keaton loves hills and roller coasters but Campbell does not.  Now Campbell loves her crazy spinny rides though.)

While we did the toboggan, Robby and Whitman did the tea cups and then everyone joined back together for the pirate ship.  We did this one twice-Keaton completely melted down on this one (like using her ugly cry) and Whitman loved every minute of this ride.  Then we went back to the tea cups for us to all ride this one together.  Next all of us rode on the log ride which is always fun and it didn't hurt getting a tiny bit wet to help with the heat. From there, we headed over to the Texas Giant.

Reagan didn't want to ride the Texas Giant today so Anderson and Graham got in line by themselves.  While they were in line, the rest of us rode the little bouncing boots multiple times and the train around the park once.  When we returned from this, Robby went off to find the boys and they were still in line but the ride had stopped.  They even began sending people off of the ride and the boys stayed in line a bit longer.  Then another wave of people were told to leave since the ride was closed and the boys came off and Robby could no longer see the boys in line.  Soon they appeared where we were waiting and moments later, Robby noticed that the ride was going again.  We told them to run back in line and we then waited again for them to finally ride that ride.  

This ordeal took about 2 hours but the rest of us had plenty to do and drink.  We had bought a refillable cup and we certainly got our moneys worth on that.  We probably drank 4 gallons of drink today.  They also had water and at one time, we stood by the water dispenser and refilled our cup 6 different times.  It was hot today but at least we stayed semi hydrated.  

After my boys returned, we rode the Model T cars around and then walked towards a roller coaster the big 3 had rode last year.  It had 2 (or 3) loops and the line didn't look long while we were on the rain.  When we got there, we saw that the ride had been changed and now it was a virtual roller coaster-meaning that you wear those 3D goggles while on the ride.  Kind of interesting to me-why would you need the googles when you are really experiencing the ride yourself? Isn't it already 3D?  Anyway, those questions weren't answered today because you have to be 13 to ride it so we moved on to the other side of the park.

On the way, we smelled the smell of funnel cakes and decided that we must have one.  Yes, it was 100 degrees outside and yes, they were too hot to touch but we sure did gobble 2 of them up in no time at all.  Now, we did purchase our funnel cakes before 4 so they were only 5 dollars and no, we did not buy the 20 dollar funnel cakes in the shape of Texas that I had seen earlier in the park.

Next up, were the mine trains,  They have a mini mine train which Whitman could do so we all rode it.  Then Robby took Whitman and Keaton to the bathroom and the rest of us rode the other mine train.  It is a sweet little coaster until the last drop which is quite the doozy and Campbell's tears started up again-when we did finish the ride, she told me that she was just kidding though (I doubt it!)

We had planned to leave the park around 3:00 to come back to the hotel to swim but beside the mine train were some swings that we let everyone do.  We were worried that Keaton wasn't exactly tall enough for this ride so we did practice standing up really straight before sending her in the line with Reagan.  She made it through and all enjoyed the swings.  It was nearly 3:45 when we left the park and headed to pick up lunch at Subway.  

Back at the hotel, we all put on our swim suits and ate our sandwiches for lunch.  Then we went downstairs to the pool to swim.  The water was bath tub warm but that was fine since we were much, much hotter.  Everyone swam and had a big time.  After swimming for an hour we all headed back upstairs to put our clothes back on and load up again for the park.

We were hoping to find a really good parking spot but we did not and parked miles and miles away (seemed like it).  We probably could have rode a shuttle but we just hiked to the entrance.  The lines there had certainly died down but the crowds probably had not diminished at all.  Once back inside the park, we headed to my favorite ride here, Judge Roy Scream.  

Again, we weren't sure if Keaton could ride this ride but she made it through the first check but when she sat down and even buckled up, the lady asked to check her height again.  She got Keaton off of the ride and had her stand up against the wall and grabbed the stick to check her height.  Cute little Keaton just stood there grinning from ear to ear and when the lady hesitated about Keaton's close height, people on the ride started saying "she's tall enough" and "let her ride."  The lady said that her hair touched the stick and tried to measure her again.  Meanwhile, another worker was doing his best to get Keaton to stand on her tiptoes while being measured.  Then he took the stick from the lady and turned it upside down so it was shorter and measured her height that way.  They let her ride and we all breathed a sigh of relief. 

I talked her through the ride and she did pretty good but I think that she was very relieved when it was over.  Campbell, who was sitting right behind us, was too.  Next up was the little hot air balloons followed by some Hall of something or another.  I think that I went on this ride last year with the kids.  Campbell and possibly Keaton could have rode on this one with me but they had a single rider line so we just sent Reagan, Anderson and Graham on.  

They were out just about the same time that Robby had returned from the restroom with Keaton so that worked out well.  Then we all rode the really big water splash ride (can you tell, I have no idea what these rides were called?)  Now, I guess that I am always the one to end up on these wet rides but since Whitman was able to ride, all the Dennies rode.  Robby started to second guess his decision to ride when he saw others getting off.  And yes, as they say at Silver Dollar City we did get "bath tub wet" on the ride.  Even though it was already dark, being soaking wet didn't feel too bad and I understand the crazy long line for this ride earlier in the day.

Next, I jumped in a line with the big 4 for a mine train type ride but it was after 9:30 and the lady in front of us said that from our spot the wait was at least 30 minutes.  We decided that wouldn't be fair to Whitman and Keaton to just have to wait on us and not do another ride (actually I decided that and my decision was not pleasing to the kids) so we left the line and found them. We did do another Bugs Bunny mine train type thing all together before heading back to where we started.

This time Robby rode the toboggan with the toboggan riders while Reagan, Whitman, Campbell and I rode the pirate ship twice.  Then we ran to get a drink refill before the park closed at 10:00.  The others finished their ride and then we took one last picture and got one last drink refill before hiking back to our car.  It was a pretty great day at Six Flags for the Dennie crew and everyone left happy.

On the way to the car, I asked the kids what there favorite rides were.  Unfortunately, I can not remember what anyone but Anderson said (please forgive me-it's late!)  He said that all of the rides were his favorite and actually his most favorite ride was the ride to the park this morning.  They can be sweet sometimes!  Graham has even text Robby twice and told him thank you for bringing him to Six Flags.

We did stop at Wendys on the way back to the hotel.  That way everyone could have a late snack before going to bed.  They ate their nuggets while we showered them off.  Then it was bedtime for the crew.  Whitman fell asleep great tonight-of course, it was midnight!  After Whitman was asleep we heard a good kerplunk coming from the other room where the big kids are all sleeping.  I went in there to check it out.  I looked around and didn't see anything so I tried to convince them that it was the ice from the ice chest settling (I knew though that there was only water in and a 6 pack of drinks in there so it couldn't have made that noise.)  As I was turning to leave, I did see our drink cup had fallen into the sink and that plastic bottle falling into the metal sink definitely would have made a loud kerplunk.  

I explained to them what the sound was and calmed them all down. But Graham would have nothing of it.  He said he was hearing lots of noises and true, this hotel is big, big and full.  There are lots of people out this late and voices definitely echo so I know that he is hearing a lot of sounds.  We moved the fan into their area so now hopefully he can rest.  I know that we sure will!

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