July 10, 2016

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The boys were up early this morning in our room asking about their devices.  I told them that they had to put on their church clothes and put up their laundry and within seconds they were back asking agian.

Robby and I should have taken this as a sign to go ahead and get out of bed ourselves but we did not since we had stayed up until 2 this morning doing really nothing at all.  Robby worked on packing his cords off and on and I was quick to start another show on Netflix and before we knew it, it was too late to even hurry to bed.

Despite this we still were able to get around this morning in time for everyone to have breakfast and even arrive at church with all kids wearing shoes.  Though Campbell’s shoe did break after we had been in the building for about 5 minutes.  

Nonna and Pops weren’t there today so that did help us with our time but the kids were only able to get one piece of candy.  After I dropped Keaton and Whitman off in their Sunday school rooms, I tried to find Robby and the kids in big church but wasn’t able to spot them at first since it was a bit more crowded than usual. 

After church, we headed home with plans to leave at 2 for our Dennie Family Cabin trip.  Those plans were changed slightly when Robby decided that our shakey car wasn’t from the roads that we have been riding on the last few days but were instead from an unbalanced car.  Since my drive to Dumas, we have both noticed how shakey the van is.  We had tried to convince ourselves that it was just from the roads but unfortunately it was not.  

Robby dropped us off at home and then headed to Sams.  He was first in line but after they looked at it, they came back with bad news-our misaligned car (it was realigned earlier this week) lead to our tires being worn wrong so we needed to replace all of the tires.  It took a bit longer than expected but wasn’t too bad.

While he was home, we ate our lunch and then went room to room working on straightening and doing our last minute packing.  When Robby did make it home, the kids helped me load up the last minute items.  Campbell and Graham were carrying a heavy bin and Graham backed right into an ice chest spilling the ice everywhere.  This caused quite the commotion but no one was hurt and since it was outside no harm was done.

Robby threw his clothes in his bag and we were on the road by 3 this afternoon.  The kids were pretty quiet in the car since Robby has hooked up some something that streams Netflix so we never really heard a peep from anyone in the car.  They were transfixed with a few episodes of Cupcake Wars and soon we were pulling off the exit at Wynne.

Grandpa met us outside when we pulled up to the cabin.  We are sharing one with them and before we could even unload the kids had found their way down the road to Lilly and Cash’s cabin.  While they were gone, we unloaded and unpacked.  About the same time that we finished unpacking, Grannymom had finished heating up supper-hot dogs and all of the fixings.  

Some of the kids ate outside and some of us inside.  Once supper was finished, we went outside for a family picture.  After cleaning up the kitchen a bit, everyone (kids and Dana) donned their bathing suits and we were off to the swimming area.  

It was a pretty perfect night for swimming.  No one was there and we were able to keep an eye on the kids from our comfy lawnchairs on the bank.  The only problem for the grown ups was the mosquitos and the only problem for the kids were the dragon flies.  When I dragon fly would land on a kid, they would all scream and run while diving under the water.  It was very, very entertaining to us.  

When it started to get dark, we helped the kids out of the water and rinsed off at a shower before heading back to the cabin to really shower off.  We had cookies and some lemonade and soon it was bedtime.  It was after 10:30 when the last Dennie kids drifted off to sleep and after our late night, we are close behind them.

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