June 27, 2016

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  • Robby and I continue and continue to get worse about getting in bed at a decent hour.  We know this and despite sleeping in late, taking a nap and falling asleep on the couch like I did yesterday, we still stayed up until past 1 last night.  This must change (but probably will not tonight).  We have to quickly get in semi school mode (3 days a week start next week) and soon will need to get into Dennie vacation mode (up early, busy all day and then to bed late)  We will start tomorrow night though my eyes are a bit heavy even as I write this.
  • After breakfast this morning, all of my Dennie kids worked on their math and gracious me!  We did more math this summer than last summer but I am learning that they should do a math page every single day during the summer so they don't forget things.  When you stop in the middle of the book, there is no review and no first few easy lessons.  We will figure it out-I will just have to remember to be patient.
  • When we had finished all of our school work, we spent some time on chores.  That didn't last too long and then I worked on explaining all of the apps that I had downloaded for the kids.  Then it was time for lunch and since I had lots of tiny bags of fritos left from our multi chip packages that we had frito chili pie.  Surprisingly, the kids all really ate this.  I don't recall them being big chili eaters and mixing chips and chili sounds like it wouldn't fly with my crew but I guess if you put enough cheese on anything then the Dennie kids will eat it.
  • The afternoon was short because at 3 the Kamps arrived.  Once they came, the kids played their ipads for a bit and then I chased everyone away from their devices and they all started playing.  I passed out snacks and just as soon as I picked up the kitchen, then it was time to think about a little supper.
  • VBS has a little supper so Robby and I made some chicken and mashed potatoes to supplement VBSs meal.  As soon as we were finished with supper, it was time for VBS.  My kids have been begging to walk every night so tonight was the night.  We walked down the road and when we made it to the church, we still had to cross the street.  I had just told the kids that it would take a bit to cross the street and we would need to be patient.  But as soon as I said that, cars on both sides of the street stopped for us to cross.  I guess a lady and 9 kids draws a bit of attention!
  • We all crossed safely and I dropped everyone off at the church house.  Then Whitman and I walked back to meet Robby who was on his way to pick us up.  Whitman had himself a night at Nonna's house tonight.  He likes to be the only one there and was happy for us to drop him off.  I think that he relishes being the center of attention.  
  • Robby and I went out to eat tonight-yep, the third night in the row! We are already making a list of where we want to eat out next year during vbs.  Tonight though we just ate soup and cheese dip.  Then we came home to clean up the house a bit before picking up the kids.
  • After VBS was over, we picked up Whitman and then headed to Sonic.  Today was half price blast day so that combined with half price shakes meant lots of fun for all the kids.  We ordered 9 ice creams and everyone happily took a break from their Sharks and Minnows game to eat their ice cream.
  • We stayed probably longer than we should have and then came home and stared showering everyone off.  The boys took their turns in the bonus room, Reagan in her bedroom and all the other girls in my bathroom.  It didn't take too long to shower 9 kids but getting everyone to sleep was a bit different.
  • After putting Whitman in bed, everyone else bedded down.  The girls were pretty wired so after a bit I went upstairs to sit while they went to sleep.  I started typing on my computer and Reagan asked me to stop-I guess that I am loud typer.  Eventually they became quiet so I then went to the boys' room.  They were a bit easier to calm down-especially when I said that the next time, their Daddy would be the one coming upstairs.
  • Everyone has been quiet for a long time now so hopefully all are asleep and hopefully all will sleep a very long time tomorrow.   

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