July 12, 2016

Boating on Lake Dunn!
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I was the first one awake this morning but didn’t stir until it was time to get my crew out of bed so we could go down to Dana’s cabin for breakfast.  Anderson asked me if he could sleep for another 90 minutes and then asked for me to lay Whitman in bed with him.  And since I needed to get both of them out of bed for breakfast, I grabbed Whitman and put him in bed with Anderson and it wasn’t a bit surprising that that did not last long at all.

Dana had made enough breakfast casserole for the park and we ate until we were stuffed. After breakfast, everyone migrated outside and begin playing on Les’ cornhole game that Grandpa had made.  The raccoons had also enjoyed the game because they took off two of the corn-filled bean bags last night as their late night snack.  At least they stole a bag of each color and the game was still able to go on.

Around 10, everyone headed out to the dock.  We all arrived at different times so Josh, Zach, Cash and Anderson went out on a John boat to do some fishing.  Shelley and Campbell ended up in a canoe on the lake and Les, Lilly, Reagan and Graham went out on another John boat.  (Truthfully, I don’t really know if they are called John boats or what-they were flat bottom boats with a tiny electric motor.)  Keaton went out with Dana in a canoe.

We (Robby and I) were the last ones to arrive with Whitman so we just waited on the others to return.  When Les returned with his boat full, Robby took over and went for a little spin with Whitman.  I had brought his own life jacket and he kept asking me “this is not for swimming now?”  He figured it out and Robby said that he enjoyed it but was soon ready to return.  Grannymom went out canoeing with Shelley and pretty much everyone switched boats at least once before it was time to return them.

Next up was lunch and we pulled out all of the trimmings from Les’ fridge and made our sandwiches.  After lunch the kids all migrated outside for some more playtime.  We found some spots in the shade and even in Josh and Zach’s hammocks.

Around 2ish, everyone suited up and headed back down to the swimming hole.  Robby swam some today and the kids still enjoyed playing in the mud and catching their little clams.  There were a few more folks swimming today but for the most part, they had it all to themselves.  Kind of nice being able to swim with just your cousins and not back to back with strangers like at the pool.

When Robby finished swimming, he and I ran back to our cabin while the others watched the Dennie kids.  Robby showered while I started on the two batches of hashbrown casserole.  We also buttered the rolls and put the green beans on the stove. Then he got the meat on the pans and we took a batch to Les’ cabin and one to Dana’s cabin to cook.  We had 20 minutes before the hashbrowns were ready so we ran to get the kids out of the water.  They had started getting out by themselves-I guess that they were tired.

Campbell did fine walking on the sand today at the swimming hole.  Her ankle is a tiny bit swollen and she is favoring it some but does seem to be getting better today.  She can still ride her scooter around just fine.  Hopefully after another good night’s rest she will be as good as new.

Back at the cabin, we showered all of the kids while finishing up the last minute items for supper.  Robby ran to the other’s cabins to get the meat and then he brought it back.  We had bought 4 packages of pork tenderloin which was really 8 smaller pieces of the meat.  It took Robby a good while to cut it all up but by the time that he had finished, everyone had arrived for supper and we all dug in.

By the time we had finished our supper, we had about 2 whole pieces of meat left and a whole pan of hashbrown casserole.  Everyone had eaten up the green beans and had finished almost all of the two pans of rolls.  Campbell and Keaton had helped me put the cobblers in the oven and they cooked as we ate.

When the cobblers were almost done, began loading up to go down to the field and hit a few golf balls.  Grandpa had a few extras and the kids went to town swinging those golf clubs.  No one was hit in the head so the evening was a success.  The kids also played a bit of football and Frisbee while out there.  Cash also had his drone and the kids all had a chance to fly it before we headed back to the house for dessert.

Lilly’s birthday is right before Graham’s birthday (29th) so we celebrated a bit early for both of them. We had a banner and candles for the chocolate cake.  The cake along with the peach and blueberry cobbler for the grownups definitely filled us all up.

Les and fam have to leave early in the morning so we said our goodbyes.  The boys are sleeping at Cash’s tonight and Lilly is over here.  Robby has turned on Paddington for them to watch before heading to bed so they are watching it while I am considering getting a shower to wash some of these bug bites off of me.  Robby said that when he gets home, he is going to stay inside away from mosquitos for the next week and I think that I will do the same.  Or possibly I will spend some time on pinterest to discover how I can prevent bugs from liking me so well.

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