July 18, 2016

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  • I was pretty tired this morning and so was everyone else but we did manage to have a good morning anyway.  We pulled out all of our breakfast leftovers from the fridge and the kids went to town eating.  Then I assigned chores and we all went to work.  
  • This week we have begun one of our school subjects-I picked something new for all of the kids to start on this week.  My hope is that this will help them become familiar with it and all will go well our first few weeks of school.  Today everything went splendidly and the kids were all in good moods during their few minutes of school work.  
  • While I was helping them, I spent my time folding and folding and folding laundry.  We had become a bit behind this weekend (it seems like we now become behind each weekend) so I had quite a few loads of laundry to fold.  By 11, school was finished, chores were accomplished and all of that laundry was folded and being put away so I took a break and started on a book that Shannon had loaned me.
  • Graham had asked to fix lunch so he asked for grilled cheese today but that is hard to do when each package of leftover bread that I pull out was moldy.  That just left a package of frozen bread or hot dog buns.  He wisely opted for hot dog buns and we made some pretty awesome grilled cheese sandwiches.  
  • After lunch, everyone went their own ways and I pretty much let them do whatever they wanted.  There were a few unofficial nerf gun battles.  Graham received 2 new nerf guns for his birthday and I swear they are the loudest things I have ever heard.  Noises usually don't bother me but gracious those things are loud or maybe they just echo in this house.  
  • I did some treadmill time and then the boys played Graham's new xbox game and the kids not-so-patiently waited on Lilly and Cash to come over this afternoon.  Robby brought them home this afternoon and they all played a bit before we headed over to Nonna's house to eat our rescheduled Sunday lunch.
  • Pops and Nonna had made Mexican and the kids devoured it and I especially loved her dips.  The kids played outside a bit after supper and even had a few races before finally climbing into the car to head back home.
  • Once we were home, I let them watch a movie before they went to bed.  The movie is still going and I am sure that they will be more than ready to go to bed in a few minutes (not really!)

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