July 24, 2016-Dennie Dallas Trip

After going to bed late last night, the first thing that I remember this morning was seeing Robby walk back into our bedroom from the shower.  I looked at the clock and was pretty surprised that it was aready after 8.  I tell you my Dennies are some pretty awesome hotel sleepers-there is just something about a dark room (good thing we have those clothes pins to shut the curtains tightly)

As I showered, Robby started waking up everyone.  The boy were quick to jump up but Robby had to pull the pillow out from under Reagan’s head before she really stared to stir.  Everyone found their clothes and got dressed.  Bringing their backpacks all worked out really, really well on this trip so that will probably be what we will do on our big trip.

During this whole trip, we have talked and talked about what we will do different, bring or need to buy for our big trip.  I have a list at least 2 pages long of things to buy, do or double check in the next few weeks.  Robby could live on the road like this-I am beginning to believe that is what he is working towards.

Getting dressed and loading up didn’t take too long this morning.  It still was hot putting everything in the car.  We even got a bit sweaty.  Speaking of sweaty, last night driving back to the hotel from the park, I felt my shirt and it was just soaking wet.  I thought that I never remember being that sweaty in my entire life.  A few minutes later I remembered that yes, I was sweaty but my clothes were wet from the wet, wet ride earlier in the evening. I had convinced myself that I was going through menopause already and was getting a bit panicky-imagine my relief!

Back to today, Robby pulled over so he could refigure some of miles and miles of wires in this car so when we started back down the road we were able to listen to the church service.  We enjoyed the singing but when it came time for the preaching the kids were getting a bit restless so Robby told everyone that we weren’t going to listen to the preaching.  Campbell asked “is it because it is bad news?”  I reminded her that the sermon from the Bible is always Good News but she didn’t buy it.

Our first stop was at the same rest stop that we stopped at on the way here.  We pottied and then ran around a bit playing football.  Whitman spent his time picking up dead bug exoskeltons and then smashing them.  Back on the road, we passed out drinks and snacks and headed on.  

We stopped for lunch in Texarkana. We ate at Raising Cane's for chicken fingers. With our crew, it is just easier to order off of the "tailgate" menu so Robby came to the table with 2 big aluminum foil pans filled with fries and fingers. The kids really ate quite a few (probably because it was 2) and hopefully we will be able to heat them up well for tomorrow's supper. Robby had hoped that this stop would just be about 30 minutes but that just didn't happen. It takes 20 minutes for us all to potty at a rest stop so 30 minutes for lunch turned into more like an hour.

That was fine though and we were soon back on the road heading home. The traffic was pretty bad-a wreck and then at least 15 miles of road construction. At one point, Campbell was in tears because she had to potty so bad. She hadn't told us until it was almost too late. Robby sped on to the nearest spot which was miles away while I was trying to figure out where the easiest change of clothes to get to was. Thankfully, we made it in time and she was given a speech on not drinking all of your to-go cup at one time.

From there, we sailed on home. Robby had explained thoroughly to the kids what they needed to do when we arrived home and I had even text them to remind them. All of that didn't help at all! We had about 10 minutes at home and quickly unloaded some things, changed clothes and loaded up again.

We let Keaton go to big church tonight and Whitman happily went to his class because I bribed him with a cookie. After church there was a reception-any type of reception is the highlight of the day for my kids. And this one with cake, cookies and coke did not disappoint. The kids ate and ate and almost ate enough to call is supper but we did have to make sandwiches once we arrived home.

Once at home, there were sandwiches, showers and then sleep. Then Robby and I had a bit of unpacking to do before we sat down to go over our packing and trip notes before bedtime for us.

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