July 8, 2016

iPad Delivery!
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  • This morning we again started frying eggs for breakfast.  Reagan and Graham were all into making their eggs.  I did make Anderson an egg in the hole and he said that it was the best yet.  I do believe that I am becoming an "egg"cellent egg maker.  Ha!  
  • Once breakfast was over, we quickly cleaned up downstairs and changed into clothes.  Then we worked on our science before loading up to go and see Beebee.  She was in a fine mood and the kids were happy to eat her candy.  She was busy putting on her make up and doing her hair so she was preoccupied most of the time that we were there!  
  • After we left there, we ran to the library.  They have a new check in and check out system and the librarians quickly usher to over to it when the last thing I want to do is check out my own books with 6 helpers.  Makes me want to hyperventilate but we survived with little commotion.  
  • It was nearly 1 when we finally make it home and ate our lunch.  After lunch the kids looked for the neighbor kids a few times but no luck so they started movies only takeing breaks to help me pack their clothes for our upcoming trip.  I have pretty much finished our packing but man, packing for a few days could possibly be worse than packing for a big road trip.  
  • When Robby came home, we strated fixing our supper.  We had chicken parmegian and hamburgers for supper since we are working on cleaning out the fridge. After supper the kids worked on cleaning their rooms while we worked on the kitchen.  They all spent a really long time on making tents and forts to sleep in tonight so that will be an adventure.
  • As we were watching Ninja Warrior tonight, there was a commercial of the news and Campbell said "if that is the news, I LOVE to watch the news."  Seriously!  I am not sure where she watches the news because it sure isn't at this house though Robby does watch it every night after they go to bed.  Can't believe she loves the news!
  • A few weeks ago, Robby had a "contest" with the kids about who could brush their teeth and keep the cabinet the neatest.  Tonight, Robby made a big announcement about Graham being the winner and then he handed the boy his own new ipad.  Imagine Graham's shock and everyone elses' disappointment.  It was pretty entertaining.
  • But seconds later, Robby walked out with a box full of ipads that he passed out to everyone else.  Well, almost everyone else.  The last person in line reaching up to get his was Whitman...unfortunately Robby had not gotten him one.  He was easily distracted when Robby passed him his old ipad but then he quickly found his kindle when Robby's ipad died since it had been used most of the day long.  
  • Nonna and Pops are in Gatlinburg and spoke to Santa last night at the Christmas hotel.  Pops even asked me if the kids had any requests but I guess that Santa came through for them since they have now received Christmas in July. 

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