July 26, 2016

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  • Campbell was up bright and early this morning.  Now I am sure that the boys were already awake but they never come in our bedroom anymore in the morning.  They go right to the couch and set down with their devices.  For some reason they think that they can't play their Ipads until 8 so from 7 to 8 they play their kindles and then make the switch at 8.  Craziness!  
  • Campbell didn't stay to play with her brothers and instead she climbed in bed with me and soon we were both back to sleep.  It was pretty wonderful sleeping in this morning and we stayed cuddled in that bed until almost 9.  That is when Whitman woke up and I probably could have gotten him to lay down with us except for the fact that we needed to leave in less than an hour.
  • We ate our breakfast and then everyone went to town straightening up the house and putting on their bathing suits.  For some reason, even though we had worked on cleaning the kitchen after breakfast, we have pancake syrup on every single thing in the kitchen.  I am not sure what happened but it is now driving my crazy!  
  • We met the Kamps and Heltz at the pool today.  The kids all enjoyed swimming and could have probably stayed longer.  It wasn't too hot today (at least while we were at the pool) and the water was a bit chilly for me but I still did manage to swim some.  Keaton is doing good swimming and Whitman loves to be in the water.  At lunch time, the kids gobbled down all of the food that I had brought and they almost revolted when I didn't buy Sonic on the way home (tomorrow is 1/2 price something day at Sonic so I am saving my stop until tomorrow)
  • Once at home, we unloaded the car and did a bit of chores before resting for the afternoon.  I snoozed a bit on the couch and then woke up when a loud crash happened right behind me.  Campbell and Keaton had made a tent and used my box of candles to keep the blanket up-the box fell and many glass candle holders broke.  Yesterday, Whitman broke a light bulb so I am becoming quite the pro at cleaning up glass.  
  • After Robby made it home, we had just a few minutes before loading up for VBS.  The girls all had money to take for the offering.  I think that Graham had some money but I am not too sure how much the boys had in their pockets.  I will say this-the kids have no idea what the offering is being used for but they do know that are giving so the boys or the girls' leader can get a pie in the face.  
  • We dropped the kids off for VBS tonight and no one stopped us in the parking lot like last night.  I forgot to put this on the blog but as we were all climbing out yesterday, one man came up to Robby and asked, "do ya'll pick them up and take them home?"  Robby wasn't sure how to answer but did say that yes, we do pick them up and take them home but this was just our family. (Guessing the man thought we were a church bus and wanted us to pick up his kids.)
  • While the kids were there, we ran to Grannymom's house and dropped off Whitman while we went out to eat-On the Border was tonight's choice.  Really, we don't have the opportunity to eat out quietly very often so we are taking advantage of this.  We might even eat out tomorrow night too!
  • Once we picked everyone up, they showered and then had themselves a snack before bedtime.  I think that they were tired because no one complained about having to go bed tonight.

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