July 20, 2016

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  • This morning was one of the last few lazy summer mornings and we took advantage of it.  I did spend quite a bit of my time this morning building a train track with Whitman and digging in the freezer looking for waffles (we were out) but I did find plenty of pancakes for our late breakfast.
  • We then went to work on our chores and school work.  The kids didn't complain about their bit of school work with me and no one mentioned their chore load being a bit more than usual since Reagan wasn't there and they had to pick up her slack (really, though I am just talking about 10-15 minutes of chores.)
  • I started working on packing for our upcoming big trip but also did some packing for our short little trip this weekend. The kids don't know where we are going and were asking me a zillion questions but I just ignored them.  Keaton and Campbell love to help me pack so I used their skills to the fullest extent.  Tomorrow I have to do the real packing-clothes-which takes quite a bit of time.
  • I made sure that I had plenty of bread today for our lunch (though I am out of lunch meat) but the kids all wanted crackers and pimento cheese or peanut butter so that is what we had.  The bread will just have to wait until tomorrow.  By lunch time, the final load of laundry was folded and I sat down.
  • That was a bad idea because the sky was dark and our old green comfy chair is just so perfect that I was soon snoozing.  I did finally wake up enough to go and start on the treadmill.  Soon Nonna and Pops showed up to deliver Reagan.  She had a big morning over there and they spent much of their time shopping before coming home for a late lunch at 2.
  • After they left, the neighbor came over and started working on Robby's car and I finished my treadmill time.  When I had finished, I worked with Reagan on her school work (she is doing a new book this year and even though I was really dreading it, I think that it is going to work out pretty good.)
  • Robby was home soon and the kids had leftover pizza for supper and then we loaded up for Raymar.  Tonight was the second of three Wednesday night things out there.  They had a few snacks and Whitman remembered that last time we had cookies and he was not happy at all with the granola bar.  Later when he saw a little boy with a cookie, he stayed right beside that boy until we found him and give him a cookie.  
  • After the short little devotional, we had small groups and then played a few games.  One was musical chairs but with hoola hoops that your whole family had to stand in.  Of course the Dennie family one this easily since we spread out and pretty much hogged the hoola hoops.  
  • Later we played water balloon wiffle ball.  The kids all did pretty well and sure enjoyed the water balloon action but Keaton wanted no part of it.  She wanted to stay dry which was odd since it was about a zillion degrees out there.  
  • Back in the car, we had a drink on the way home and then everyone showered and went right to bed.  It was late and I had plenty to do before going to bed myself.

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