July 1, 2016

Checking out the awards!
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  • I do believe that the kids enjoyed sleeping in a bit this morning and not having to rush around to get to camp.  It is odd though because on school mornings, I have to plead and beg to get people to come eat breakfast but on mornings when I am not ready to serve up breakfast, then they are all starving and can wait no longer to eat.
  • Campbell must have been exhausted from camp this week-or that is what I am going to assume was the problem.  She was so weepy, wail-y and whiny that she was sent to bed pretty early this morning.  Whitman did knock down her marble track during science and I am sure that was frustrating but come on, it was not worth the commotion that she caused.
  • We did do science today-we are nearing completion of the never ending science book but the scary part is that I think that I bought a science book for next year that is longer!  I probably should make it into a 2 year book but where's the challenge in that.
  • For lunch today, Graham pulled out all of our sandwich food and the kids lined up like they were in a Subway sandwich shop.  The kids ate their sandwiches as I read and then we picked up for a few minutes before I spent some time with Graham.  He was telling me what he wanted for his birthday so I added that to the list.  Then Reagan and I hung up a gallery wall of her paintings and art work in her bedroom.
  • Then the kids started on movies.  Then unfortunately when I was in the mudroom I heard the words "the Corser's are out."  This was a bad thing because I was between the kids and the door-when they heard those words, they were out the door in a flash and it didn't matter that I was in their way at all.
  • The kids played outside with the neighbors for a bit and then they had to go inside for chores.  Before too long, they were back out and even gave us some eggs which we might just eat tomorrow for breakfast.  Then they all played a short game of frisbee in the back yard until it thundered.  It had been drizzling for quite some time and the kids were wet when they did come in and since they smelled like wet dogs, they had to get showers before we went to eat.  
  • We ate supper out tonight and after eating out sometimes I wonder why we even go out anyway.  First, they asked Robby if they could split us up (do you ever ask a family of four to split up?)  Then, they tried to sit us in the back of the restaurant by the kitchen door but changed their plans and moved us into the extra room.  Would have been a decent table except they were wobbly, there was a bug on the floor by my feet, there were no napkins, silverware, honey, bbq sauce or ketchup.  When the kids drinks were delivered they didn't come with straws so they had to wait to drink and then when we had our bread delivered, we had no plates or napkins and had to wait to eat.  Yes, I do sound like a negative Nellie but the bathrooms were a bit unsightly as well.  But other than those few minor things, the food was decent and everyone left full and happy.  
  • We then ran to Walmart so Robby could find a filter for his car but guess what, we left that entire store without buying a single thing. I am sure people don't do that often and people really gave us a stare down when we walked out the door tonight.  He found that he could buy his filter cheaper and the few things on my list could wait.  
  • We did stop next at Barnes and Noble for the kids to pick up their free book from the summer reading program.  Whitman greatly enjoyed the stop because he was able to play with the trains there.  After they chose their books, we headed home to watch some American Ninja Warrior before bedtime.  That is probably not the best show for the boys to watch before trying to go to sleep-I do believe that I hear them upstairs practicing a ninja move or two on their beds.

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