July 17, 2016

  • Our phone alarms went off at 6:45 this morning and it was surprising how loud it was but it wasn't loud enough to get me out of bed.  Robby did wake me up when he was leaving the house to go and pick up drinks for today's lunch.  I did get up and get myself ready before heading to the living room to make sure the boys were ready.
  • But the living room was empty and the boys were still sound asleep-it was 8!  They were tired. I woke them up and handed them their clothes before going to the girls' room.  Shannon had already woken Layne up and said that Keaton had slept in the bed with Layne last night (I believe that my Keaton is beginning to like sharing a bed with someone.) 
  • Robby was back by the time that all of the kids were dressed and ready for breakfast and the Wilsons had already left for church.  Soon we had eaten our breakfast and were loading up for church.  The candy lady at church handed up candy bars and a box of cookies today which I ended up melting in the car this afternoon (they will be fine after a few days in the fridge though.)
  • When I took Whitman to class today, he walked right in perfectly but turned right back around and tried to get out of the door.  I think that he doesn't like one of his teachers and when he saw them, he decided that he wanted to try to leave.  He did eventually calm down (I guess!) and was happy when Robby picked him up.  
  • After church, we headed to the Hawkins' house for our Sunday school class fellowship.  When we parked, Whitman said that this was the best ever-I guess that he saw the pool. The kids enjoyed swimming with so many kiddos and they swam hard.  Whitman did knock a basketball goal over on his head so that caused a bit of drama but after an ice cream sandwich he was just fine.  We let the kids play until almost 4 and then we headed home.
  • Once at home, I realized that I had left my phone in our swim bag at the Hawkins.  Thankfully the Penningtons had picked it up and were at church so when they headed home, I ran to pick it up. When the Wilsons finished their afternoon activities, they dropped Brett off here to hang while they went to their house to fill up the generator again and pack Layne up for camp.
  • The evening flew by-we did some laundry, straightening and some fridge cleaning.  Even though the Wilson's power was finally restored, we still celebrated National Ice Cream day before they went back to their now cooling house.  Shannon had picked up a few ice cream choices and everyone devoured their bowls of ice cream.  Once the ice cream had been eaten, the Wilsons went back home and we put our tired kiddos into bed.  The boys were so disappointed tonight when I was tucking them in that Brett couldn't just stay one more night-I do believe that my kids are praying that someone's power goes out again tonight!  

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