July 6, 2016

Quick trip to Dumas for Esau Corn!
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  • Things were going splendidly this morning: I did my treadmill time before anyone really got up.  Then the boys were up and dressed and the girls were not too far behind him.  I walked through our bedroom and Keaton was now sound asleep in our bed so I let her sleep while I helped Reagan make cookies for the day. We finished the cookie making, cleaned up and I got Whitman dressed. 
  • I decided then that I should wake up Keaton and she woke up fine but within a few minutes was saying that she was cold and laying in the hallway.  As Robby was leaving, he asked her if her tummy hurt and she said that it did. But within a minute or two, she was getting her pop tart from the pantry.  Before I knew it, she had drank her milk but when I looked at her close, she looked really pale.  I guess she could tell that I was afraid she was sick and was going to give her anything she wanted because she asked for (and got) a glass of coke. 
  • As the kids were in the car and I was loading the final bag, I saw a wasp (common around here) and ducked under it as I walked by.  The next thing I knew, my back was stinging and I was ripping off my shirt while possibly squealing.  The kids said that they thought I had seen a bear or "saskwatch" and I was just thankful that I had taken my shirt off in my own driveway and not somewhere else. 
  • We loaded up as I made a Plan B for Keaton and down the road, Shannon was making a Plan B for Brett.  He also woke up feeling bad and spent the morning with his grandparents.  Before we left, Keaton did sit in front of the potty for a while-absolutely pitiful.  On the way to Grannymom's house, Keaton did get sick but we were completely prepared.  
  • Once we were at Grannymom, Keaton seemed to be feeling better and laid on the floor. Grannymom said that she talked some and then went on to sleep.  Her nap must have helped because she said that she had grilled cheese at lunch and when Robby picked her up this evening, she was back her normal self.  
  • Back to this morning, we met Shannon and Layne and headed off to Dumas.  We drove straight there and picked up 3 bags of corn.  There weren't little bags of corn-each one had 72 ears of corn!  And yes, I was the silly one who bought 2 bags.  The worker men hoisted that corn and threw it in the back of the car while we walked around some corn growing.  This walk through the corn stalks did lead to 5 kiddos with muddy shoes!
  • Those shoes were cleaned off though with a bit of playtime at a local park.  There was a daycare there so it was fairly busy but the kids were able to play for a minute while we fixed lunch and then another minute as we loaded up.  Once we made it back home, we unloaded the car and had a bit of downtime before heading to Shannon's house.
  • There we started on the corn.  The kids were anxious to help and we quickly shucked an entire bag.  Without their help, we would still be working on that corn.  We then boiled that corn and put it in icy water before bagging it up.  Once the first bag was done, the kids were summoned to help shuck the second and then the third bag.  By the time we did make it to the 2nd bag, Robby, Keaton and Tony were back from work and we stopped to eat our July 4th leftovers.
  • Robby decided that he would rather mow with Tony's lawnmower than stay in the kitchen so out they went to play in the yard.  They mowed while we continued to work in the kitchen and the kids played inside and outside and inside and outside.  We finished off the ice cream and then loaded up my crew to come home and shower.  
  • Graham's poison ivy is still spreading but he doesn't seem too bothered by it.  Hopefully it will start to get better tomorrow and hopefully, no one else (at our house or the Wilson's house) will get Keaton and Brett's tummy bugs. 

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