July 25, 2016

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  • I was able to get Whitman to lay in bed with me for a few more minutes this morning before we had to start our day.  I was dragging my feet a bit because I wasn't looking too forward to starting our Monday morning...and especially folding all of that laundry!
  • The boys were already up and the girls were not too far behind.  We had our breakfast and did a bit of reading.  Then everyone started on their school work-today they continued their one item that they started working on last week and then were given 2 pages of phonics or math.  And goodness gracious, having to do math for Reagan and Anderson caused a bit of drama.  I had been given them one math page occasionally this summer but 2 whole pages greatly flustered them.
  • After our school work, we started on chores.  During some of the kids chore work things were splendid but during the other half things just fell apart.  We were able to finish up the house before lunch.  For lunch I was able to heat up our leftover chicken strips from yesterday and feed the crew.
  • Then the boys and Keaton helped me put together my two new Ikea stools to replace my piano bench.  They are blue and I just love them!  They are going to be really, really cute.  I think that I like them so much that I might even sit down and play this piano soon.
  • The afternoon flew by-I did a few things to unpack for this trip and to get ready for the next trip.  I even did a little treadmill time while watching Rachel Ray.  I have become a bit of a follower of her show and it does make the treadmill tolerable.
  • At almost 6, we loaded up and drove to the church down the road for VBS.  This is the second year that 5 Dennies have been able to go and probably our 4th year there.  The kids loved it and when we were waiting on it to start, Keaton saw her group and ran right over.  My Whitman probably could have stayed but it was just best that he didn't-not only is he not consistent at pottying, he is not consistent at obeying!  We are working on both of those!
  • While they were VBSing, Robby, Whitman and I went out to eat at La Madelines.  Then we walked around Home Depot before a quick stop at Kroger and then to pick up the babies.  Everyone acted like they had a good time and Keaton explained that we had to bring a friend tomorrow.  
  • Once at home, the kids had a snack and then it was bedtime.  I am sure that they were tired from tonight's VBS and still catching up on their missed sleep from this weekend.

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