July 19, 2016

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  • Last night, I forgot to write about Campbell and Reagan pulling teeth.  Campbell let Lilly pull her tooth when we were at Nonna's house.  Reagan's tooth was one that had a silver crown on it and it was so incredibly loose that the tooth could practically dangle out of her mouth.  Lilly was about to go in and start work on her when Reagan decided she better pull it out herself.
  • Also late last night was another memorable blog event but we were already in bed.  It was late and the boys were still fooling around upstairs.  We could hear them pretty loudly and Robby looked on his phone and could see that their bedroom light was on.  We have a few light switches in the house that can be controlled remotely and theirs is one of them.
  • After seeing that their light was on, he just flipped it off.  This led to many, many squeals and screams from the boys' room.  I am not sure how many times Robby did this until I noticed him giggling at their screams.  He could see when they turned their light on and would immediately flip it back off.  They would scream and carry on and we would laugh and laugh.
  • We could hear the girls running down the hall to see what was happening with the noisy boys. And when we heard Anderson call "Mom? Dad?" we flipped off our lights and shoved our phones under the cover.  
  • Cash, Anderson and Graham all came in our bedroom and they were giggling but also a bit skittish.  Anderson accused Robby of controlling the light but Robby acted like he was sound asleep very convincingly. (Almost too convincingly-like he has had some practice at acting like he was asleep to get out of taking care of his kiddos!)  Then the girls came downstairs to try to figure out what was happening. 
  • I later told Robby that Whitman had pulled the light switch off the wall the other day so that meant that when Robby thought he was turning the light off on the boys, he was actually turning it on.  I can only imagine them laying on the floor talking noisily when their bedroom light flips on all by itself.  I guess someone got up to turn it off when "flip" the light went back on.  Graham was so flustered/scared by all of this that he had to change his shorts when I finally calmed everyone back down.  I have laughed about this all day long!
  • All of this excitement must have caused my people to sleep late this morning.  Anderson was the only one to be awake at 8.  Cash even snoozed for a few minutes during a nerf gun battle that was taking place in the same room.  I was finally able to get everyone awake and downstairs around 9 for breakfast but that didn't leave us too much time to get to the pool by 10.
  • Of course, it was no where near 10 when we did make it to the pool.  We ran by Walmart to get a screw put back in Lilly's glasses and as we were walking in, Cash said "I have never been to Walmart with this many people."  I guess that 8 kids does seem like a lot! The screw replacement was quick and easy so we then ran to the shoe section to pick up some flip flops.  I seem to have lost Whitman's flip flops and they are a bit too small anyway so he got some new ones and Graham is without flip flops now since his have broken he also was rewarded with a new pair (though in the middle of summer it is hard to find a 99 cent pair like I usually like to buy!)
  • We did make it to the pool a bit before 11 and the kids took off swimming.  They all seemed to have a good time and played quite a few rowdy games.  Keaton really did well with her swimming today but gracious she can make me nervous.  At one point, she slid down the slide and swam to Lilly.  Lilly didn't know she was swimming to her and took off swimming another direction.  So Keaton swam on to Anderson who was nearby and grabbed on to him.  I was watching her but my, my.
  • At noon, I passed out lunch to everyone and we also ate cupcake cookies that Campbell had made this morning.  She had put pieces of hershey bar inside of them and then I topped them with icing.  Maybe because they had been warmed by the sun but they were absolutely delicious.
  • Robby showed up a bit after lunch and I headed out to my dentist appointment.  I was back by the time that he was loading everyone up.  He took off to drop Lilly off at Grannymom's house and Reagan off at Nonna's house.  I headed the other direction to do some grocery shopping and then we all arrived home at about the same time.
  • The afternoon was short because before 6, we loaded up to take Campbell to her Sunday school party.  They met at Chuck E Cheese and Ms. Angela had pizza, drinks and cupcakes for them.  Then they were all released with a cup full of tokens to spend.  Campbell had a great time using up her tokens and she did use them fairly quickly.  She had enough tickets when we were finished to buy herself some skittles, a sucker, an airhead and some tattoos.  She was pleased with her winnings.
  • Robby and the others went to Walmart while we were at the party.  Then they ate their supper at Arbys before going home to drop Cash off and then coming back to pick us up.  Meanwhile, Reagan was out and about with Nonna, Pops and Jason.  They made an earlier run to Chuck E Cheese to play some games and then ate their supper at Pie 5 pizza.  I hear that tomorrow they are going to do some shopping out and about.
  • Once home, the kids played on their ipads for a while and then it was bedtime for all of the Dennies.  Campbell and Keaton decided that they were scared without Reagan.  Now they have been having a lot of company in their room upstairs-Lilly, Layne.  But their scared business didn't go over too well with us (we have heard rumors that the girls plan to sneak over to the boys room to sleep).   

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