February 10, 2018

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  • 7:15 this morning and Keaton and Campbell were downstairs, in our room and completely dressed. They knew that this day was Woven and could not wait. Soon I rolled out of bed and had to wake Reagan up. She was just as excited about Woven as Campbell and Keaton, but she still wanted her sleep. 
  • Soon I was ready and we headed to pick up Nonna for the morning. The church always does such a wonderful job with Woven. It is one of the best events that they put on. During the introduction, Reagan made it to the stage to play a game. She was close but didn't win a prize.
  • Then we headed off to our different crafts. Nonna, Keaton and Campbell did the cake decorating class. Even though they had an hour, Nonna said that they barely had enough time. They all came home with icing, 2 tips along with a cake that they had decorated. Nonna didn't have time to do much of her cake since she was helping Keaton and Campbell.
  • Reagan and I were on the other side of the building scurrying around working on our sewing craft. I knew I wouldn't have time to do my pillowcase, so I just brought it home. Instead of just one letter or initials, Reagan wanted to do her name. It took us the entire time to cut out her letters and get them ironed on her pillowcase, but hers was the cutest one there. We still had to leave without top stitching her letters on, but we were super pleased with what we had gotten done.
  • Reagan and I missed Campbell having her turn on the stage and not winning a game. We did grab our lunch and devoured it. We were full but still brought home some chips, cupcakes (Campbell and Keaton didn't like theirs) and jelly beans. After it was over, we ran by the library for me to pick up some books before we dropped Nonna off.
  • I met Robby on the road as he was going to pick up Graham from Grannymom. They were out for a bit. The boys grabbed lunch, including those cupcakes that I brought home. The girls worked on decorating their cakes a bit more. 
  • When Robby returned home, I jumped in the car and left. I picked up a few Valentine presents at Pennys, and then bought string for Reagan's pillowcase. They had plenty there today and urged us to take it home to finish, but Reagan wanted gold. Thankfully, Walmart had some gold.
  • I wasn't home for too long because we were soon loading up to go back to the church house. Tonight they had date night and child care. The buildings were full of kiddos and my kids had a blast. The highlights were Whitman and Keaton decorating cookies, Campbell's group made slime which couldn't have been more perfect for Campbell, Anderson and Graham loved playing games and Reagan just loved being with Kaleigh.
  • Robby and I went to eat at Saddle Creek, ran to Old Navy, Kroger and even the Nike store before heading back to church. The sign at the front door said that kids who were picked up late would be sent home with a puppy. Keaton seriously asked me as I picked her up if we got a puppy.
  • Once at home, everyone had showers and then we watched the last bit of the Hogs and one figure skater before everyone headed on to bed.

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