February 11, 2018

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  • I woke up in plenty of time this morning but then I went right on back to sleep. Most everyone else was already awake and ready. Reagan was awake since her mission today has been to finish her pillowcase. I did have to wake Keaton up. She wanted me to pick out her clothes which I did quickly because I still had to haul sleeping Whitman downstairs and get myself ready. I threw Whitman in bed with Robby and Campbell and jumped in the shower myself.
  • Surprisingly, we made it in time to still see all of the grannies. Church was good and the girls have been singing a song from big church all afternoon long. When Sunday school was over, Campbell's class along with another class had a lunch.
  • They had pizza but then they also had lots of little games for the kids to play. Reagan worked a station and Graham and Anderson also worked some before taking off to play the games themselves. Whitman completed all of the stations and was so proud of himself when he received a medal. 
  • On the way home, we stopped by Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzard. We did it earlier in the week since we knew that this week will be a bit busy. The kids enjoyed their treats, and soon we were on our way home.
  • Robby cut the boys' hair while I tried to straighten some and wrap the kids' Valentine's day goodies. I set out my eggs and butter to warm up a bit before making cookies with the girls. I needed something to do for about an hour while I waited on the eggs and butter so I took a nap.
  • At 5, Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I made two batches of cookies. That was pretty easy since when it was done, we put it in the fridge to work on tomorrow. 
  • I cleaned out the fridge for supper. Everyone had a pretty decent meal and then we topped it off with some cake. We all set around watching the Olympics. There are lots of sports that I just know nothing about but when the kids are not singing the Canadian national anthem, they are rooting for any non-American to fall.

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