February 28, 2018

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  • Everyone was awake this morning which was a good thing since it was Wednesday morning, and we had to move fairly quickly. I still had to make our lunch this morning so we left about 5 minutes later than usual. Not surprisingly, there was a wreck on the curve so we had to go the long way to Bible study. We still arrived in plenty of time, and thankfully it wasn't raining yet so we were able to walk, and not run, inside of the church house.
  • The rain however had begun when we did leave Bible study. We were able to hurry to the car without getting soaked. We drove to Rock Creek and thankfully, this week they were not cleaning the tubes. We had almost decided that they had begun cleaning on Wednesdays at lunch time because of us. It was crowded when we arrived so we all just ate outside of the tubes.
  • The little kids (just few of them now-7) played in the tubes while the big kids (6) played a dice game in front of the bathrooms. I think that everyone had fun, but I know that they all had fun when Robby met us, and we headed to Dairy Queen.
  • Everyone had their Blizzards. Most everyone chose mint oreo which was pretty good. I continued to marvel at the difference in size between the Dairy Queen mini and the Freddy's mini. I definitely would pick Freddy's mini size since it was larger. Actually, I could eat a pint or possibly a quart of ice cream at any given moment (seriously) so maybe a medium would make me happier.
  • After our ice cream, we headed home. The kids helped unload and did some "chores" before we read history. The word "chores" received quotation marks today because I am not sure at all if anything actually did any chores or just marked them off. Now Graham had already emptied all of the trash cans this morning.
  • By the time that I read their history and worked with Whitman on his school work, it was raining well, and I was pretty sure that it was naptime. I was able to snooze for a little bit before time to think about supper. Robby heated up minicotti. I know the kids are getting tired of it, but we aren't wasting it!
  • We fought the crazy rain to church. I had to run into the library to pick up a few books. When we made it to church, I dropped everyone off under the awning. Church was good and I didn't seem to lose my voice during games which was also good. 
  • When it was time to leave, my first instinct was to pick up the kids but the line was super long of people trying to get under the awning. So we just took off running. I have never had my books become wet in the rain but they did on the way to the car tonight.
  • Driving home, I hit pot hole after pot hole on the access road. It was raining so hard and water was everyone so that I couldn't see them. If we had small tires, I am sure that they would have burst. It took us a while longer to get home due to the rain, but when we arrive Robby had us ice cream sandwiches for dessert.
  • Everyone changed into the pjs and had a bit of downtime. Before bed, we watched a few videos about were Grannymom and Grandpa are right now. As we were watching the vidoes, Grandpa text Graham so we called them. When we finished talking to them, we watched a bit more of our videos, and then it was bedtime for the crew.

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