February 22, 2018

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  • I was up a bit earlier than usual this morning. Keaton and Reagan were the only ones still sleeping, and everyone else was working on their school work. Well, kind of working on their school work! They didn't have as much motivation to get it all finished as I had hoped.
  • Whitman woke up at Nonna's house and was soon taken to school for the morning. Back at the house, we had our breakfasts while I read. Then we started on school. I thought I was moving quickly enough but we still had to scramble the last few minutes.
  • Anderson and Reagan were the only ones who were not yet finished with their school. Now, we did have an hour less time to work on school since we had to leave early to pick up our Whitman.
  • As we picked up Whitman, I could see him talking to Ms. Jennifer. She was saying, "that's your mom" and he was saying "no, that's not my mom." I am not sure if he was trying to tease her, if he didn't know who I was, or maybe he is just as special as we think that he is!
  • From there, we headed to Nonna's house for a bit of lunch. She had quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches already made when we pulled up. We ate quickly, and then loaded up with Nonna to head to the capitol.
  • I was lucky and found a parking spot in the front of the building, and we walked to the front steps where I took a picture. As soon as I snapped my picture, I heard a man talking to us. He said, "hey, I saw a camera. I'm a politician and have to be in all pictures!" I took the kids picture with the man as he introduced himself. It was the Treasurer of Arkansas Dennis Milligan. We told him to we were going to see our Pops, and he knew just who he was since Pops had worked for him for a bit.
  • Pops is a Sargent at Arms for the State of House of Representatives. After going through one set of metal detectors, we ran into a man, who gave the kids copies of the U.S. Constitution. They weren't real sure about this whole event since it only took a few minutes, and we had already had two strangers talking to us!
  • The session was really neat. I hated that I couldn't explain things as well as I wanted. The speaker opened with banging the gavel, they prayed and said the pledge. They voted on a lot of different bills which was neat watching their screens turn to green. It was only about 20 minutes today so we stayed for the entire thing.
  • When we left, it was already starting to rain but it was just a fine mist so we were able to hustle to the car. From there, it was a short drive to the Museum of Discovery. On the way, the kids discussed what they want to be when the grow up. Reagan said she wanted to be a lawyer or a person on the radio. Graham wants to be an architect. Campbell wants to be a veterinarian. And we are super proud of the next three: Keaton wants to work the cash register at the grocery store, Whitman wants to be a magician and Anderson quickly announced that he wanted to be a stay at home dad!
  • The Museum of Discovery was fun today. The Powells were there so the kids had someone to walk around with for a bit. They could have stayed forever today when last time we went it seemed that everyone was quickly bored. I guess that we will have to go back sooner rather than later. 
  • This time on our walk back to the car, the rain was much heavier, but I was still close enough to walk so we did. Then we drove on to Dairy Queen for our weekly Blizzards. I think that all of the people know who we are there. Everyone did stay in the car this time because it was pouring! Reagan and I ran in to pick up our blizzards, and it did take quite a long time.
  • On the way back to Nonna's house, it rained and rained and rained. The interstate was a mess, and I wondered if we could make it home through the flooded roads. We did run into Nonna's house for a bit (and a cookie).
  • The rain had slacked up on our way home. When we came home, we started on our school work that was left over. I finished working with Whitman on his school around 6. He loves doing school and could work for hours. On the other hand, I can not!
  • The kids cycled through the showers and then we had some supper-ravioli and a stir fry meal. The ravioli was a bigger hit than the stir fry meal and I wasn't surprised at all about that. After we ate, Whitman had his shower while the rest of us cleaned up the house.
  • Once things were straightened again, we all gathered in the school room and watched a few videos. Robby went on a tour to see elephant seals today so we watched a video about that. Then we watched two short movies about Jaffa which is where Grannymom and Grandpa are today. 
  • Afterwards, the kids had some downtime before bed. They waited anxiously to hear from Robby, but he was eating at a restaurant with no cell service. I read a few books at bedtime, and they even convinced me to let them stay up a few minutes later hoping that Robby could call. They were a bit sour but were relieved to hear that I would let them stay up until he gets home tomorrow night. I looked at his flight and say that it was after 9 that he arrives which means it will be after 10 when he makes it home and wondered if I spoke to quickly!
  • Robby did call around 10 so I ran upstairs so he could talk to the kids. I had to wake up Keaton and Campbell and poor Whitman never stirred even though we were all sitting beside his bed talking into the phone telling Robby about our day.

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