February 15, 2018

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  • I was up early this morning, but Robby dressed Whitman for school. Whitman wore a pair of pants that had a huge in the backside. In Robby's defense, the only other pair in the drawer did have large metal snaps on the backside, and Robby was worried about how he would be able to set on those all day long. All of the boys other pairs of pants were in the clean laundry basket. 
  • Whitman didn't mind because he was headed to school. Everyone had a light day of school which made things a little easier for everyone. When we do light days of school, I often think that our light days are probable still enough school work for everyone. They all had review math pages which was wonderful-especially when Graham worked everyone one of his fraction problems correct.
  • We had our lunch and afterwards, the kids worked on their chores, and I decided to snooze until Whitman came home. It was nearly 3 when he finally showed up. When he came home, Whitman was happy to cuddle up beside Anderson and watch him play his ipad for a bit. I eventually grabbed him and we did his reading book.
  • The kids played some basketball this afternoon. It was pretty perfect weather, and they enjoyed playing. I eventually started working on supper-manicotti. Campbell and Graham did help for a bit stuffing the shells, but it proved to be a bit difficult for their hands. (They both headed outside instead.) 
  • We ate around 6, and manicotti is a hit around here. Whitman even ate his plateful. Now, he probably would have given it a thumbs down if we would have asked, but we don't care if he likes it or not. Everyone else did eat it up and finding a meal around here that everyone likes can sometimes be challenging. 
  • After supper, we all sat around in the living room. Most everyone had a device in their hands (Robby and I included) and were all watching the Olympics. A few folks were working on their school work during all of this too. We laughed about having a house with plenty of space but everyone was still crammed in one tiny space, which couldn't be any more perfect!

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