February 24, 2018

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  • Robby and I slept as late as we could and were only interrupted once with someone asking how many leftover doughnuts each person could eat. Nothing like doing math problems at the crack of dawn. In case you were wondering, the answer was 1 and a half doughnuts and one doughnut hole. 
  • The first project this morning was changing out my silverware. We first really noticed the problem at Thanksgiving, where we were practically having to share silverware during the meals since we had so many folks here. However, if we eat two meals at the house during one day, we will not have enough silverware for everyone. Robby had had enough and ordered 2 large boxes of silverware. We unpacked one of those last night, but I put Keaton, Campbell and Whitman to work unpacking and unwrapping the next set of silverware while I organized my drawer.
  • Now, organizing the silverware drawer led to me having to organize the drawers that we had just moved into the kitchen. There were full of puzzles and I wanted room for kitchen things in those drawers, so I had to enlists Graham and Anderson to work a few of the little puzzles so I could be sure that I had all of the pieces.
  • Robby and the big boys went to pick up Cash after lunch. The girls, Whitman and I went to work on cleaning the house. I sent Reagan to the bonus room to work while the rest of us worked downstairs. She came down later and said, "Sorry, I got distracted with Anderson's puzzle." She had worked quite a few pieces the other day, and it sucked her in again this afternoon. She almost finished it, and later in the day, I went upstairs and put in all but three pieces.
  • It didn't take too long to straighten the house. The girls also helped get ready for tonight-Keaton made lemonade, Campbell made the beans and Reagan made the salad. I had already made the manicotti, the apple crisp was in the freezer and I made the blueberry cobbler as the basketball game was finishing up.
  • The boys came home just before the rain hit. I think that the kids may be a bit stir crazy because I found them and Cash cleaning their school desks-scrubbing stickers off of the top. Seriously, the school room hasn't looked that good in a very, very long time. 
  • The Penningtons and McGuires showed up, and we all watched the end of the Razorback game. Then it was time to eat. My kids were starving probably since they may or may not had lunch. I am not really sure. We did tell them to make their own lunches, but I am not really sure who did.
  • Everyone ate, and then we pulled out the desserts and ice cream along with a few toppings for the kids. They enjoyed all of the toppings and we enjoyed our desserts-Robby loves the blueberry cobbler and I love the apple crisp. 
  • The kids played until it was time for everyone to head home. The kiddos had pretty much picked up everything before I could ask them to which was really nice. Then everyone had showers while Robby and I worked on the kitchens. Cash is in Whitman's bed while Whitman is cozied up next to our bed. I bet he won't last too long on the floor tonight!

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