February 2, 2018

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  • I did hear my alarm clock this morning and surprisingly woke up fairly soon after I first hit snooze. I am not sure why but everyone but Keaton were stirring this morning. I made the rounds and woke her up. 
  • I try to make muffins on Friday mornings and threw some in the oven as quick as I could this morning so we could start on our school. After the muffins baked, we all sat in my room doing our morning reading together. Whitman thought this was the most wonderful thing ever-a breakfast picnic!
  • Since this was our 4th day of school this week, no one has to do spelling, their entire workload is a just a bit lighter. It makes things so nice and makes me wish that we could do 4 days of school every week. Looking ahead in February though, there will be no weeks that we will manage to get four days of school in.
  • Around noon, we all worked on a few leftover chores, though a few folks still have some to finish today. We had our lunch and then loaded up to go to Pinnacle. They have a homeschool program on Fridays, and I have been wanting to go for years.
  • Since today was Groundhog Day, we learned all about groundhogs. I thought that it was very interesting, but I am not so sure that the kids agreed. They did enjoy hiking up a very short trail when it was time to go.
  • We dropped Reagan off at Nonna and Pops' house to spend the night there. The ended up going to eat steak even though Reagan's teeth were pretty sore from her orthodontist appointment yesterday. I bet they were feeling better by tonight though.
  • Then, the rest of us came home. Whitman had fallen asleep on the way home and after I pulled him out of the car, I just ended up on the couch with him. We dozed until Robby came in. Then I did a bit of school work for next week before we loaded back up to pick up pizza and to take Whitman to church.
  • Tonight they had a preschoolers night out for his preschool. He was so excited to go. They played games, they ate supper, they made crafts, they watched movies, they had a snack-he had a blast.
  • Meanwhile back at home, we ate our pizza, and then Robby and I made a batch of sugar cookies. The girls so wanted to help but there will be plenty of Valentine cookie making here soon, so we just worked by ourselves. We were able to make the cookies before Robby had to run and pick up Whitman.
  • Once he returned home, Whitman had a shower while the boys watched basketball and then football. We let the kids stay up later than usual and when they went to bed, Robby and I iced our sugar cookies. We won't be going into the bakery business, but we did at least make some decent Super Bowl cookies.

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