February 12, 2018

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  • I had big plans for this morning, and those big plans involved me waking up when at least one of my alarms rang. I did wake up when those alarms rang, but I never got out of bed until the very last minute.
  • That might have had something to do with my snuggly buddy in the bed beside me. No, not Robby, but Whitman. Whitman stormed into our room around 4 this morning like someone was chasing him. I always wonder how the kids are so brave to come all the way down the hall, down the stairs, through the kitchen and then down my hall at night. I barely would ever cross the hallway to get to my parents room without running. 
  • Usually everyone just casually walked into our room, even Whitman. Not last night thought. He then laid in my bed telling me about his dream that a dog, possibly a robot dog, was chasing people and him. I laughed about this way more than I should have in the middle of the night.
  • Once we finally sent him off to school this morning, we started on our school work here. We usually do our together work for about an hour finishing around 9:20. If I go much past that time, the kids start getting antsy to start on their real school.
  • School did go well this morning until Graham had himself a meltdown. His math, which was not new, stumped him today. That is fine but he became so hysterical that no matter how many different ways I tried to explain it, he couldn't understand. This eventually let to him getting in some big trouble and a text was sent to his dad.
  • There are days that Reagan misses every single one of her math problems. That doesn't bother me at all (well, it does some) but his attitude was horrendous. Once he figured out that he was going to be in serious trouble unless he settled down and fixed his attitude, he went on upstairs, fixed many of his math problems and most importantly fixed that attitude.
  • Next up was lunch and reading a few books. The kids then worked on their chores and soon the girls and I were working on our Valentine's day cookies. 
  • Bless Campbell's heart, she got her hair tangled in the mixer again. This time was worse than last, I had to have someone get Robby who was able to cut her hair out. Last time I barely had to cut any of her hair but this time, she was close to have to go see Tammy. Thankfully, you can't tell when her hair is in a pony tail or even down. 
  • She was hysterical and covered in icing, Robby was cleaning the mixer and mess, Reagan was having her own crisis working on her Valentines, everyone else was just standing in the hallway staring at us. I do believe that this day took years off of my life! 
  • I calmed Campbell down and  helped her get a shower. Robby cleaned up the mixer, and I soon had another batch of icing made. I offered to let Campbell help, and she declined and said that she wasn't going to use the mixer again. I know that won't last, but everyone will have to wear their hair in a ponytail from now on when I get my mixer out. It could have been really bad and once again we were lucky. 
  • This probably did add an hour to our cookie making but my girls were troopers and worked together really, really well. After I had made the cookies, which they had cut out, they happily iced them working as quickly as they could. 
  • Reagan wanted to make cookie dough hearts covered in chocolate. She made the cookie dough easily and was even able to make them in hearts. We put them in the fridge but when it was time to put chocolate on them, it just didn't work out too well. They were salvageable, but I know that she isn't completely satisfied. They will still be delicious though!
  • We quickly cleaned the kitchen and loaded up for Nonna's house. Since we missed Sunday lunch over there, she fed us tonight. We brought Campbell and Keaton's cakes to eat along with Nonna's cupcakes for dessert. Their cakes were really, really yummy. 
  • Whitman had spent the day over there after school. Nonna said that after hearing one and a half books, he was sound asleep and had a really good nap. I guess him being up in the middle of the night last night caught up with him. (Right now, it sounds quiet upstairs so maybe his nap hasn't affected him going to sleep tonight.)
  • Once we made it home, everyone put on their pjs and we had a few minutes of downtime before bed. The Olympics were on, as they were all day long. Campbell watched a slime video-no surprise there. Whitman and I did some of his school. Keaton, Campbell and Reagan worked on their tomorrow's school. 

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