February 16, 2018

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  • Everyone slept well around here last night, and I slept so well that I was still in bed after everyone else was awake. That was fine since we still managed to cook breakfast (4 people ate eggs) and do our together work before 9:20. 
  • Some days school works pretty well and some days it doesn't. You can never really tell which way the day is going to go in the morning. Thankfully, today went smoothly, and people finished their work early. Even Anderson finished early which is a bit my fault. One day he has to parse 10 sentences (write what parts of speech each word is) and then the next day he has to diagram those sentences. I don't do it often but occasionally, his work from the first day isn't saved but put in the trash pile by me. Yesterday, I must have gotten rid of his work so today, he was given a pass! 
  • Everyone had finished my noon, and I even had time to pull out Reagan, Anderson and Graham's work for next week. Nonna and Pops then came to pick up Anderson for his night at their house. He was anxious to leave which was obvious because he had packed as soon he had the chance.
  • After they left, we made lunches and everyone ate just where ever they wanted. I worked on pulling out Keaton and then Campbell's school for the next month. It just looks like I will only have to do that one more time before we start wrapping school up for the year. I can't believe it. The kids are already finishing things each week-most everyone has finished handwriting and there are only a few spelling lessons left in our books. 
  • The kids spent some time outside shooting hoops and even found the neighbors to play with for a bit. Reagan spent her afternoon packing because around 5, we left. We picked up supper for the rest of us and then dropped Reagan off at church. This is the middle school spring retreat weekend so Reagan will be gone all weekend long.
  • Once at home, we ate our supper and then settled in to watch some Olympics until bedtime. The girls have watched too much ice skating and spent most of the evening dancing, spinning and flipping behind my chair. I think that they did finally exhaust themselves because they did sit down quietly for a few minutes before we did send everyone to bed.

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