February 21, 2018

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  • I woke up quickly at 5:30 this morning when a flash flood alert blurted from my phone. I quickly turned it off and counted how many more hours I had until I had to wake up and get out of bed. The weather would have been perfect to stay in bed all day, but this is our busy day.
  • The kids were up and moving around this morning. It is hard for me to tell if Graham and often Campbell have on real clothes or pajamas these days since they seem to sleep in clothes. So possibly someone could have worn pjs to church this morning. Nah, I am sure that the did not because of all of the days of the week, more thought is put into their clothes than any other day.
  • I had time to toast my bagel as we headed out of the house. Everyone told Robby bye since he was headed to San Francisco for a few days for work. He flew to Dallas, and there he was able to see Grannymom and Grandpa before they boarded their plane towards Israel.
  • It was a wet and nasty morning this morning. The stream beside the road on the way to Bible study was a raging river which was quite entertaining for the kids. All I could think about was, "it it keeps raining like this, will this go over the road? how will we get home?" Thankfully, the next time I drove that way, it looked a bit lower despite the constant rain.
  • Bible study was good. On the way home, I asked them questions and they all seemed to listen. Our lesson today was from Acts and talked about sorcery. Someone mentioned Horoscopes in my class, and my first thought was "I have never told the big kids about them." I can remember my momma telling me that horoscopes were bad, and I spent the rest of the class thinking that I had failed my kids. So on the way home, Graham said that there was something in the paper that told the future. He had listened and his teachers had talked about horoscopes. So I certainly used that segway to discuss them further. 
  • After Bible study, I dropped the kids off at Rock Creek in the pouring rain. Then I walked to the door to be met with them telling me that the tubes were closed. Candice and I decided to head to our house for a bit of playtime. The kids were good, and after they played some I used the opportunity to try to get rid of some of our Dairy Queen cake. I didn't cut the slices big enough so I still have some left in my freezer.
  • When the buddies left, my crew cleaned up and then sat down to do some history. We are half way through the book and have about 8 weeks of school left this year, so we better get to town. Afterwards, I cut fingernails while the kids put away their laundry.
  • On the way to church, we ran by the library. I had hoped that church might just be cancelled tonight due to the rain but no such luck! After church, Whitman went to stay at Nonna's house for the night. They will take him to school in the morning to help me out. When he walked into our door, his first words were "it's bath time!"
  • As we pulled into our garage tonight, the garage light came on. I thought nothing of this because the kids often jump out of the car and turn it on. They quickly noticed that the light popped on, and no one got out of the car. I told them that it was probably Daddy. He was mid-flight at the time but had been texting. I then assured them at a burglar wouldn't turn the lights on for us.
  • Everyone put on their pjs and then we made cookies while tracking Robby and Grannymom and Grandpa's flights. We tried to Facetime Robby but it didn't work well while he was flying. I read a few stories after everyone ate their cookies, and then it was time for bed for my crew!

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