February 6, 2018

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  • Robby left early this morning for Bible study. I didn't hear him get up or leave, but I must have because my dream was crazy. It involved us leaving for a cruise with just Whitman with us. We didn't pay for him but snuck him on the boat. The other kids we just left at Grannymom's house. I didn't even pack their bags; we left in such a hurry. Nonna and Pops were on the cruise with us so that is why Grannymom was left with everyone. 
  • Campbell, Keaton and then Whitman all joined me in my bed this morning. Whitman is much more cuddly than the girls especially since Campbell was already working on their school work. I found Whitman's clothes and within minutes of putting them on, he was in the car headed to school.
  • Everyone, except for Anderson, did the majority of their school work last night so everyone was anxious to work with me this morning. Usually, I have to plead and beg to find someone to work with since they were busily working on their own things. Today was very different. At one point, Keaton just sat down and waited while I worked with Campbell so she could be sure to have a turn. 
  • We were finished by the time a worker lady showed up to fix my chipped windshield. Keaton watched her for a little bit but it was too cold in the garage to stick around long for me. Keaton did ask me "what if she steals something from the car?" I assured her that we knew where she worked and we even knew her name and that she probably wouldn't take anything.
  • At noon, we had lunch, and then everyone worked on their chores. They can manage to get them accomplished quickly when we have things to do, and today was had things to do and places to go. 
  • We left at 1 for the Dollar Tree for everyone to pick out their Valentine Day candy for their friend's Valentines. Everyone was able to find theirs without too much drama. I was a softie and did let the kids spend some of their money and buy some candy for themselves. This made them incredibly happy, but I made sure to collect my money as soon as we walked into the door tonight.
  • We then picked up Whitman from Grannymom's house. He wasn't too sure if he wanted to skate, but I am sure glad that he came. Last time he skated, even though he was holding on to the skate aid, it took everything in me to hold him up as well. I had to walk around holding his arm about 4 times and after that, he could do it by himself. Well, he still wanted someone to skate around with him, mainly to help him get back up after he did fall.
  • Everyone else continues to improve on their skating. We aren't going to be winning any medals or even races but at least my crew doesn't look foolish. Anderson was ready to go pretty early, but Reagan and her friends skated until the last final moment. We had actually never skated until closing time (5) but we did tonight.
  • It was cold and rainy on the way home tonight. I gave the kids driving in the rain pointers on the entire drive home. Once at home, folks started running through the showers. Robby had chicken spaghetti warm in the oven for us. It was a leftover freezer meal which was really good tonight-probably because it was hot on this cold night.
  • Campbell and Keaton worked on their Valentines tonight, and then we all watched the end of the Hogs game while cuddled up under lots of blankets. I was cuddled under so many blankets that Keaton and I were soon snoozing and missing the last bit of the show we had on. 
  • At 9, everyone headed upstairs to brush, and then Robby read them a chapter or two of the Bible. We aren't very far along, but hopefully we can finish the New Testament this year.

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