February 13, 2018

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  • At 7:05, Graham came in our bedroom and laid down for a bit with us. He then looked around and said, "where is Whitman?" We told him that he wasn't in our room, and that he was probably still in his bed. Graham said that he wasn't but that he would go and check again. 
  • This normally would concern me enough to get up and look myself, but then we remembered hearing some footsteps and doors closing last night. We just thought someone had gone to the bathroom at 10, but when we thought about it, it could have been Whitman running to the girls room.
  • A bit later, I met him on the stairs and asked where he had spent the night. He grinned and said, "In Reagan's bed." I asked her how she slept and she replied that she didn't sleep well at all. She told me that she had told him yesterday that her bed was monster proof. They said that he opened the door and then ran straight towards Reagan's bed and jumped in.
  • Robby took Whitman to school while the rest of us started on our school work. I wasn't around too long because I was soon headed to Whitman's school for his Valentine's party. He was pretty pleased to see me and thrilled to pass out his Valentine's to his friends.
  • We then ran to the library, and he picked out a few books to read at Granymom's house. Robby and I met for lunch at La Madeleines. They gave me the wrong thing. I had taken a bite of it before I realized but after I received what I had really ordered, I just wished that I would have kept the mistake. Their tomato soup was really good but other than that, I don't have to go back there for a while.
  • Back at home, I kicked it in high gear catching up on everyone's math. I tell you, there is nothing I hate more than coming home and having to grade everyone's math. Reagan might be getting to the age where she could honestly mark what she missed, and then see if she could fix it. I can see why my friends are moving to a math program that the kids do online.
  • The kids had already finished their chores when I arrived back home along with make a few last cards and Reagan finishing her Valentine's. I did help her decorating her angel food cake for tomorrow's snack. Alyssa Kate soon arrived for a bit.
  • Robby, Reagan and AK went to run an errand or two and pick up Kennedy. As soon as they drove in the driveway, I was in the car waiting. From there we picked up Camryn, Emma, Cate and Kaleigh. It was a van full!
  • Reagan had received a gift card for the movies for her and her friends and tonight was the night that she spent it. The movie was Peter Rabbit, and it was pretty cute. I am not sure if they girls could even watch the movies since they were so busy eating-popcorn, cokes, candy. 
  • Everyone at home, played outside for a bit, had showers and had supper. They did all settle down in time to watch some of the Hogs play. Everyone was awake when we finally dropped off all of the girls.
  • Reagan jumped in the shower and Campbell and Keaton helped me set up a few things for tomorrow. Once everyone was in bed, I grabbed the kids Valentine's from the attic and then finally sat down for a few minutes!

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