February 19, 2018

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  • Robby and I were waking up when the boys burst in our room to ask how many doughnuts they could have. I asked how many their were. 3! They had to ask to figure out how many they could have when they were the only 3 boys there. Now, Whitman was still asleep so I am sure that my big boys were hoping that I would tell them that they could eat his doughnut. I did not!
  • Soon I snatched Whitman out of bed and put him in our bed for a little bit. He was excited about his "playdate" at Nonna's house today. I had packed his bears, ipad, books and homework. He had a blast all day and even came home with some playdough that he made with Nonna.
  • Robby and I headed to IKEA for my birthday present today so the kids were at Nonna's house and Grannymom's house. Jason came over to Nonna's house, and all of the boys played most of the day long-watching tv, building legos and taking a walk.
  • The girls had spent the night at Grannymom's house. My Campbell and Keaton were up bright and early (way too early) and then Reagan, my only child with good sense, slept much, much later than her sisters.
  • The girls did a lot of eating ice cream, taking walks, ipad playing and hanging with their cousins. I know that they had a great time because when we picked them up, they were exhausted!
  • Robby and I dropped off the boys this morning and then zoomed on to Ikea. We found drawers for the girls' closet, scissors, pillows, storage boxes, a cabinet for the school room, a toothbrush holder, kitchen scrub brushes, a little Christmas present, and some cinnamon rolls. I probably left something out, but we also left with a good list of things we didn't find (or couldn't afford!)
  • Now we did take a break from our shopping to do some eating. I had also received a gift card to The Cheesecake Factory for my birthday. Gracious, it is a pricey little place. We had the gift card plus two free cheesecakes. I won't even waste time with telling you about our food, which was very good, but our cheesecakes were divine. I had peanut butter and chocolate and Robby had snickers. Now, unfortunately, we were so full from our meal that we couldn't finish all of them. We did eat most and didn't leave enough to take home.
  • From there, we headed back to Ikea and filled up the car with our purchases. Then it was home to Little Rock to pick up the kids. They were all tired, and I think that we were a bit tired as well.
  • Once at home, we emptied the car of the light stuff while the kids showered. Everyone did have half of a cinnamon roll before they went to bed. Tomorrow will be a rough day around here-a full day of school after the weekend and a day of being spoiled by grandparents!

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