February 4, 2018

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  • Sunday morning and Anderson and Graham were the only ones awake this morning when we started stirring. Soon though, everyone was moving around. We had ten doughnuts left over from Reagan and Pops' outing yesterday. That meant that everyone could have 1 and a half which is all fine and good except that I didn't cut them in uniform halves last night nor did I direct anyone on what type of doughnuts they could eat. I was afraid that the boys would clean out the specialty doughnuts leaving the girls without. I am not really sure what happened for breakfast because I heard no complaints and still have some doughnuts left in the box. Keaton didn't like hers so it was given to Whitman, who wasn't so sure about eating one that had a bite already eaten out of it. 
  • The Lord's Supper was today, and I am so glad that Robby didn't have to help pass it out. One time lately, he was serving and I was left holding a plate of tiny and full cups of grape juice, wrestling Whitman with no one to hand the plate to. Today was much better! I know that I probably baby Whitman, but holding him in my lap during church seems to work the best right now. He is still enough that I can attend to most of the sermon and even hold and read my Bible during the sermon.
  • After Sunday school, we went to Grannymom's house to eat our lunch. Lilly was sick so Dana's crew wasn't there. The kids enjoyed watching a tv show after lunch. When we left, we ran to a few spots to buy some gift cards for tonight's games.
  • Once at home, we went to town in the kitchen. Robby made meatballs, Anderson made cookies, Reagan plated our sugar cookies, Keaton plated the cookies Anderson made, we made chili and grilled hot dogs and sausages. We then decided that we didn't have enough beans in the kitchen and since we didn't have any cans of beans, we made some in the instant pot. While they were cooking, I took a snooze while Robby listened to a sermon from another preacher today.
  • We headed to the Wilson's house just before kickoff. Once we arrived, we unloaded and then everyone picked spots to win the prizes. Prizes were given out every quarter and the kids had a really fun time snacking, playing and watching some of the game. I won one prize, Reagan won another and Brett won two prizes.
  • The kids were anxious to get home though because they wanted to see if they had won any of the prizes at home. We not only filled out our squares at the Wilsons but we also did it at home. Graham won twice, Anderson won and Robby won. And Robby is such a softie that he let the losers (Whitman, Reagan, Campbell and Keaton) pick a consolation prize.
  • We read a bit before bed, and then it was bedtime. Tomorrow is a normal day but then a bit of craziness starts around here and we have a busy few days/weeks!

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