February 23, 2018

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  • I didn't wake up quite as early today as I did the day before, but that was fine. Whitman slept with me, and he was even awake before I was. We still made 3 batches of muffins and did our daily reading and memory work before 9:30. So that was pretty good for us on a rainy Friday morning.
  • School went really smoothly for us today. Whitman spent most of his day on his ipad and doing his own school work. I think that everyone was finished before noon. Just like most of our evening last night was spent waiting on Robby to call, most of our mid morning was spent waiting on and trying to call Grannymom and Grandpa. They called us after 12, and everyone enjoyed talking to them about their trip.
  • We had made our lunch, and I read as everyone ate. Then we all ran around doing some chores before everyone had some free time. I worked on school for next week and even some school for next year (eeek!) 
  • We didn't really do a whole much this whole day, and it was pretty wonderful. As I struggled to figure out what we were going to eat for supper, I just decided to take a nap. Seriously, the kids seem to eat all of the time-breakfast, lunch and supper, every single day! 
  • I finally figured our what we could eat. The kids put on their pjs, helped me clean and then everyone helped us made supper. Since I have over 100 library books checked out, I feel the need to read as many as I can. So I again read during our meal. 
  • After supper, we straightened up again and settled in for a long night of waiting for Robby to come home. The kids had already made and hung their Welcome Home Dad signs. We watched the Bates tv show and another one and another one while we waited. 
  • The longer we waited, the more delirious with tiredness my people became. It all started with watching the speed skaters during the Olympics. I pointed out their uniforms which caused everyone to break out into giggles. Anderson suggested that the skaters should have blurs over their uniforms. Keaton even commented on their uniforms and said, "you can see where they pee." Yes, indeed you could. We had our anatomy lesson for the day!
  • We tracked Robby's flight and then we tracked Robby driving home. He turned off his location thing on his phone, and I quickly figured what he was doing. The kids were thrilled to not only see him but to also see his doughnuts that he brought home for them.
  • Robby told about his day as everyone ate their doughnuts. Then, we settled around the tv to watch a short clip about Grannymom's day at Mt. Carmel. Whitman and Keaton fell asleep during the video, and soon everyone was in bed for the night.

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