February 1, 2018

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  • For some reason I didn't set my alarm clock last night, but that probably didn't make too much of a difference since we don't seem to get up when the alarm rings anyway. Whitman is actually who woke us up when he came into our room around 7:45. Since he didn't go to bed on the best of terms with me last night, I was glad that he still came right to my bed this morning.
  • Robby and I scurried around to get Whitman off to school. Then the rest of us started on our school work. They asked and I did let them eat their breakfast in my room while I was reading all of our morning reading stuff. Of course before that began, making breakfasts took forever. Cinnamon toast, breakfast burritos, smoothies and a host of other things.
  • Everyone did their school work fairly well today. Anderson did fine working near me today even though everyone seemed to stay in my room most of the day asking me questions. I still was finished working with everyone right before noon which makes me happy. The mornings always seem to just fly right by and it is lunch time or past lunch time usually before I know it.
  • Robby came home with Whitman who was excited to tell us all about his day. The kids made their own lunches and ate as they played on their ipads or as they finished their school work. Soon Robby ran Reagan to her orthodontist appointment. She now has rubber bands to contend with; Robby and I never had rubber bands so all of this is new to us.
  • By the time she returned, I had kicked everyone else outside to play for a bit. They had bounced in and out all afternoon, but everyone needed some time all outside together. I worked on supper while they were playing outside-baked potatoes and more of my instant pot chicken.
  • Supper was a hit with everyone. The potatoes and chicken were easy to make and didn't leave too much of a mess, but the kitchen was still a mess after we ate with pieces of baked potatoes and cheese everywhere. We cleaned the kitchen while Campbell finished up our Love Shack.
  • Before supper, everyone helped me use a gingerbread house that Grannymom had found for us. Since it is past Christmas, I figured that we might as well make a Love Shack. The kids all helped make a different side of our little shack, and it looks pretty cute. 
  • After supper, Keaton asked to make a dessert so she made chocolate chip cookies for everyone. When she passed them out, she put her apron on. Cute little thing. After we ate her cookies, we watched a Bates before everyone headed to bed.

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