February 8, 2018

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  • Whitman joined us in the bed this morning, and we snoozed until time for him to leave. He was quick to get ready because this was V day for show and tell. He had a Vest to wear along with a Valentine and the letter V in the pocket.
  • The kids started on school, and everything was going well until the blasted doorbell rang. With 5 kids peering out the window, I just couldn't not answer it. Afterwards, I did try to explain to everyone that I don't want to answer the door when it is strangers, and we need to pretend like we aren't home.
  • Anyway, it was an old man, and I could take him if I needed to so I did open the door. He seemed nice enough, told me that he was from a church and then asked me if I wanted a blessing. Um, I am not really sure if you can say "no" to a blessing. Should I have said, "nah, I'll pass?" Anyway, I said, "sure" and the next thing I knew, I was having the Lord's supper out on the front porch with a strange man. Oh my gracious. I am never ever opening the front door again!
  • Once things calmed back down after all of that, we went back to our school work. The kids did well today mainly because they knew that there will be no school tomorrow. The boys are spending the night with Ethan for his birthday celebration, and since they will be gone, I am letting the girls skip as well. I have plenty of things to do around here to stay busy so hopefully tomorrow will be a productive day.
  • Whitman arrived home around lunch, and soon we were all making our lunches. The girls and Graham had smoothies and Anderson and Whitman ate sandwiches. Afterwards, we all started on our chores. This week our main chore focus was on organizing a few drawers and cleaning the showers/bathtubs. We only managed to clean 2 of the 4 showers, but I will still take that as a win! We will do better next time. 
  • The afternoon seemed to fly by. Anderson and Graham both did their Valentines. Campbell made more slime, which is her favorite thing to do right now. Campbell and Keaton both helped me work on stuff for next week's 100 days of school party. Reagan made her Valentine box, and Whitman did school with me.
  • We had Refresh tonight at church, and the kids enjoyed it tonight as they always do. I think they just like being with their friends without any real structure. The church was pretty crazy busy tonight with lots of things going on and lots of people preparing for this weekends activities.
  • When I picked Whitman up from his class tonight, his teacher told me that he told her, "I like my other teachers better than you. They are not as bossy as you are." The big boys went home with Ethan, and they were so, so excited. 
  • Once we came home, everyone put on their pjs and then they had a bit of downtime before bed. We did send everyone to bed at 9:30 so they did get to stay up a bit later than usual!

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