February 25, 2018

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  • We had our own little Sunday morning miracle here; as I went upstairs to wake up my sleeping girls, Keaton and Reagan, I ran smack into Reagan in her room. She was awake, dressed, ready and in a good mood! I surely couldn't believe it.
  • After waking up Keaton, I went to wake up Cash who was still cuddled up in Whitman's bed. Whitman was actually still cuddled up in our bed which is where he spent most of the night. I tell you, I knew that I shouldn't have even made him a pallet on the floor since he was going to climb in our bed. I am just not awake enough in the middle of the night to protest him climbing in bed with us, now was I awake enough to move him to the middle which works best for all of the sleepers in our bed.
  • The kids had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and soon it was time for us to leave for church. Since Grannymom and Grandpa were out of town, Keaton had to sit up with us instead of her normal spot in the old folk section. Cash was also with us and Kennedy sat with us since her family wasn't there yet. So our row was quite wonderfully full.
  • My girls still have their gift cards for the coffee shop at church. They debated buying a cookie today along with their drink, but both opted for just a coke again. Now, Keaton did buy a small drink today. They were really thinking about how to make their gift cards last the longest which is wonderful.
  • After church, we all went to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. Nonna had roast and all of the fixings along with some apple crisp and cookies. The apple crisp had some sea salt on top of it and it was really good. The kids went outside to play a game of kickball but I think that they were just exploring the wet yard since Whitman came back in with his pants wet from the knees down.
  • We then ran Cash home before stopping at Lowe's. Robby had to replace the light fixture in the kids' hallway. He also bought another fixture for his office but might have possibly talked himself out of doing that. We also ran by Walmart to but a few more necessities for tonight's supper and then used a coupon at Krispy Kreme.
  • Once at home, Robby worked on his light fixture while I helped the kids do our laundry and made my lists for the week. Then it was time for a little bit of shut eye! The Wilson's came over for supper so just before they arrived, we jumped up and started warming up our leftovers.
  • W had the same menu tonight-manicotti, green beans, bread, salad, a bit of blueberry cobbler, a bit of apple crisp and sundaes for the kids. I still have about a 9x13 full of leftover manicotti. I guess we know what we will have for supper tomorrow night! (Except Robby and I are going to "get healthy" starting tomorrow so maybe we will just eat the leftover salad.)
  • The Wilson's didn't stay too long since tomorrow is a school day. Once they left, we picked up and then against our better judgement we let the kids start a movie. We had a Redbox movie so instead of paying for another night, we watched it tonight! I guess this is still technically "no spend month" but this is the first frugal (yet, very unwise) thing we have done.
  • It was 10:30 when the kids were tucked into bed tonight. That means that they have been awake until after 11 every single night this weekend. That does not bode well for their teacher in the morning! Maybe I should go to bed right now as well. Hopefully, a bit of extra sleep will make me extra patient in the morning!

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