February 26, 2018

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  • I should have climbed out of bed when my alarm clock went off this morning, but instead I stayed in bed continuing my crazy dream for another hour. I was vividly dreaming that it was church directory picture time and the kids were in tshirts and I had not even had a shower. Once we arrived, I turned around to run home and shower and grab shirts for the kids while everyone else had pizza. It took me days to return for our next picture appointment. I have no idea what that dream means so if you have an idea, please let me know.
  • Whitman was happy to go to school today. Everyone had to bring a box for their "X" week, his box had his name on it, Whitman's Candies. Also a Fed Ex pilot came and talked to them so he had a great day.
  • The rest of us muddled through our school work. It didn't make it any easier that today was Monday and the kids stayed up super late last night watching their movie. Reagan had a orthodontist appointment before lunch, and after driving there and waiting, they decided that needed to do something stronger on her tooth so this piece would stop falling off. This resulted in scheduling 2 more appointments.
  • She was still happy about her outing since it ended with a stop at Tropical Smoothie to spend some of her gift cards. Robby told her that she didn't deserve Tropical Smoothie since they didn't do anything to her teeth though. 
  • Back at home, everyone at their lunches while I worked on cleaning out a drawer. Then it was chore time for everyone. I had almost finished my chores when I had to wait around on my little vacuum cleaner. It was being used to prop up Campbell's ipad while they were taping yet another slime video. They deemed that today's slime was the best slime yet but I am not too sure of that. 
  • I was able to walk on the treadmill some before Whitman arrived home from Nonna and Pops' house. Once he was settled, I worked with him on his school work-I hope all of this extra work that we are doing now does indeed pay off and help me out next year. 
  • The kids migrated outside at some point, leaving only Whitman in the house. After they played a game or two of basketball, most of the neighbors came out to play. The kids were out until almost 8 so by the time supper rolled around Robby and I were starving. 
  • The kids had showers, and then we did all eat. Since it was a late night, the kids didn't have too long to play before it was bedtime. I think that they might have been a bit tired because it seems pretty quiet up there right now!

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